The best piece of FAN MAIL I ever received (WARNING: Not for the squeamish)

Matthew Chmiel

Senior HTF Member
Apr 26, 2000
Ugh, people like that make me mad.

Thank god that moron isn't a member anymore.

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John Geelan

Oct 11, 2000
Sad sad person, we don't need people like that on HTF.
Thanks for sharing that with us Ron.

Jeffrey Forner

Jun 19, 1999
All you attempt to do is control everyone and anyone who holds a differing viewpoint from you. You make me sick, you really do.

To the person who wrote this garbage to Ron:

All you want to do is start trouble and pick fights. That kind of thing gets you kicked out of here.

If Ron, Parker, or the rest of the admin staff thought of themselves as "some fucking GOD," they wouldn't be running the biggest and most curteous home theater discussion board on the Internet. They wouldn't have been able to raise over $5,000 in funds for their new servers within less than a week. If the vast majority of members saw them the way you do, we would all thumb our noses at them and gleefully watch as the Home Theater Forum collapsed under the weight of its own server load.

But you know what? Ron, Parker, and the admins are all very cool. They're curteous and as eager to engage in thoughtful discussion as the rest of us. Their hard work and their dedication have made this board great and is precisely the reason why it is the largest board of its kind.

You obviously don't know what you're talking about.

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Eric Scott

Second Unit
Oct 4, 2000
I love what you do as if you were one of my own son's, Ron. I don't have to agree with every single action you take to respect your decisions. Just like my son's have their own lives to live, you (guys) have your own forum to run.
I'm happy you hear that you heard what that message really said. Keep up the good work!
Some men use desktop balls when they are online. I’m sometimes curious to know what they would say off line without their software running.

John Spencer

Supporting Actor
Mar 2, 2000
Keep your head up, Ron. There's no use giving this guy a second thought.
Love kills hate.

Bill Cowmeadow

Second Unit
May 5, 1999
To wish that anyone had been in the buildings is tantamount to a terroristic threat in its self.
Ron, you should give a copy of the E-Mail to the authorities. The person in question should be made to explain his or her point of view.

Keith Paynter

Mar 16, 1999
Ron, Parker...
This is your forum. We, the membership, are your guests, and should conduct ourselves as such.
It's like living at home with your parents..."my house, my rules..."
If this character likes, he's perfectly welcome to start his own forum, but I wouldn't sign up.
Keep up the good work!

"Fearless Freep?! That's mmma boy!"
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Anthony GT

Stunt Coordinator
Oct 17, 1999
With an attitude like that how could anyone remain gainfully employed?
Oh yeah, it's not hard to say "would you like fries with that?" everyday.
What a waste of human space that guy is.
Ron, in case you have doubts about how you run this forum, my opinion is that IT RULES!!

Matt Wallace

Second Unit
Feb 20, 1999
Home Theater is one of my two passions - the other is Martial Arts. On the martial art forums I frequent and moderate, we call this sort of person a "keyboard warrior", whose only real weapon is their distorted, cramped, convoluted little mind.

Joe D

Supporting Actor
May 21, 1999
Don't worry about it Ron. That's all I have to say.
Joe Dahlen
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Andy W

Stunt Coordinator
May 13, 2001
Keith Paynter wrote above, “This is your forum. We, the membership, are your guests, and should conduct ourselves as such.”
Exactly. Imagine a guest (HTF member) is invited into someone's home (Ron and Parker’s house), and that guest then consciously and vituperatively insults the hosts or other invited guests. No host (Ron and Parker) with any sense of self-respect would tolerate such behavior in his/her own home (HTF), lest his/her own image be tarnished for not taking immediate and appropriate action.
In my opinion, citing censorship as an argument to excuse one’s own reprehensible conduct is a lame distraction of the real issue of simply not allowing rude and obnoxious behavior in a privately owned (home) Internet forum through vigilant, consistent, and fair enforcement of published guidelines. The result is the HTF is by far the most welcoming and friendly place to learn and exchange valuable information with other enthusiasts about our hobby.
I heartily concur with all previous posts in this thread. It is time for people to take responsibility for the consequences of their own actions rather than always looking to blame others for the negative outcomes they create for themselves.
I admire the sincerity and decency all the administrators employ to supervise what I think is the finest run forum I have ever seen on the Internet. The mods here regularly display remarkable skill and insight in their management of this forum. Thank you all for your dedication.
And thank you Ron and Parker for creating and maintaining this marvelous site for all of us to enjoy.

Brian Perry

Senior HTF Member
May 6, 1999
Unlike the other "fan" letter Ron posted around a year ago (which was amusingly critical of Ron's former signature picture), this letter was not funny at all. Only a sick person would write this one.
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John Morris

This person absolutely is a vocal terrorist in that... NOW, every one of us (read me) who objects to ANY censorship by you will be suspect. Our country was build on, among other freedoms, the right to free speech and although this person may wish harm on a person as a result of their interaction with that person... posting it in this fashion will forever leave a doubt as to anyone who posts an objection to your deletions or objections in the future.
Therefore, it is now paramount that you NAME this person or, otherwise, NAME all those members who did NOT make this threat!!!
Although we don't agree on every issue, I do respect you and Parker and want to protect my extended family... So, WHO IS THIS PERSON?? Please email me with the info if you do not want to post it online.
God Bless America!!!
Take Care,

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