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Apr 25, 2004
I've got my name on a Swan 5.1 setup and should be getting the E-Mail that they are ready to ship in the next day or two. While I've been waiting, I started looking around again and now I'm having seconds thoughts. I didn't know until yesterday that HTD is based here in Dallas and I'm now tempted to go with their Level 4 setup instead since I could drive them back over if I don't like the sound.

Before I make a decision either way, I thought I would ask if any of you guys have heard the Swan 5.2's and the HTD Level 4's and can comment on what you thought.

I just posted the same question on AVS so maybe I will get some feedback between the two.




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Feb 6, 2003
Have you actually heard the Swans before ordering? I'm sure there are various owners around the DFW area that might allow you to demo. HTDs are easily demo-able in the DFW area.

I've heard the 6.1 at someone's home after he came to my house to demo my rockets. Some speakers take a while to get used to, especially after you've been used to listening to yours. For the short demo period (about 1.5 hours), I felt the swans and rockets were pretty similar, except for the high ends. I thought the rockets were a bit smoother, and the swans a bit "rougher".

I own a pair of Level IV bookshelves, as well, and have compared the towers to my rocket 550s. I felt that the rockets edged the Level IVs in all departments.

With that said, I like all 3 speakers, and can easily be happy to own any of them. But I'm extremely pleased with the rockets at the moment. I've recommended both rockets and HTD to quite a few friends, and they are all happy with their choices. Both are great companies with great customer service. I've not dealt with the Insider folks, but have heard their customer service is first-rate, as well.

If you want, just put the swans on hold, go demo first, and then make your decision.


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Jan 25, 2004
It's all a matter of taste. I have also heard both the Rockets and the Swans. I chose the Swans. The bottom line is that you should really hear them. If you can foot the shipping bill you could always return the Swans if you didn't like them.


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