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Mar 29, 2003
I don't know how many Magneplanar owners there are in this forum but hopefully someone can help me. I am putting together a home theater system using my existing main speakers which are Magneplaner MGIII's. For the center channel I am going to use a Magnepan MMG hanging from the ceiling. I would like to have some suggestions for rear and maybe a rear center channel that will sound good with the Magneplanar speakers. I don't have room on the walls to put the Magnepan HT speakers so this isn't an option. There are windows in the way. I plan to hang the speakers from the ceiling more than likely. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Roger

Burke Strickland

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Jul 31, 1997
I have Magnepan MG 3.6s as my L/R mains with a Magnepan MGCC1 Center. Before the Maggies, I had an all Def Tech system (except for the sub, which is still the musical and mighty Velodyne FSR-18) and most of those speakers are now in use at the sides and in the rear for a 7.1 configuration.

Obviously, floor standing towers such as the BP-2000s which I use as my side surrounds or BP-20s, (predecessor to the BP-30), now in use at the rear, won't hang very well from the ceiling. But the C/L/R 2000 center voices surprisingly well with the Maggies and being a direct radiator instead of bipolar, with a very sturdy stud-secured mount, multiples of that model (or one of the other "centers" in the Def Tech line) might suit your needs as a rear speaker.

I would NOT recommend the BPX-type "surround" models from Def Tech. I tried those when I was using Def Tech BP-2000s as mains and found them woefully lacking. (That's when I got the BP-20s for use in the rear.)

Good luck -


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Feb 9, 2003

I am a Maggie Fan, as well. Why don' t you try the MMGs at the rear $500 if I am not mistaken. An all around MAggie and a system few others can touch with a 100 feet pole :)
or you could go with a pair of MGMC1. The MMG are more full range than the these. You would have a killer system.

My HT ( being built right now) will be separated from my 2-channel. The 2-channel speakers will be the new 20.1

Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Dec 31, 2002
If lack of wall space is the only thing keeping you from using the Maggie MC1's, you might check out my recent post on AudioAsylum regarding an inexpensive DIY stand: http://www.audioasylum.com/forums/MU...ges/47833.html

There are many other space-efficient ceiling-based solutions for side and rear speakers (e.g. the Thiel built-ins), but I am guessing that none will sound as consistent as the other Maggies.

Incidentally, I spoke to a couple of other folks using a single MMG as a center channel, and they reported that it tends to "beam" (i.e. only sounds at its best right in front of the speaker). You might consider picking up a used CC1 or CC2 on Audiogon ... they are designed to disperse sound a bit better and can also be ceiling-mounted.

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