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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Stephen H, Aug 29, 2005.

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    Hey guys, im a newb at home theaters. What brand of speakers should i get. Im planning to get a Thx pioneer reciever and either a 7.1 or 5.1 speaker setup. I was looking at the yamahas then the infinitys and then klipsch, but i just cant choose. Ill be needing a 12" sub, 2 tower speakers, 1 center and either a pair or 2 of bookshelf speakers. Im just a 15 year old kid who is willing to pay under $2000 US money for an awesome home theater system and putting it in the comfort in my own room. Right now im using some very old, but working onkyo tower speakers 2.0 setup. Here are the descriptions

    FUSION S-70

    -High power polyproplene Woofer
    -Ferrofluid Cooled polycarbonate dome tweeter
    -polycarbonate dome supertweeter
    Automatic thermal overload protection system, self resetting
    -200 watts
    -12" 4 way ported
    Freq response - 32 hz-22khz
    SPL at 1w/1m 92db
    Nominal impendance - 8 ohms

    And oh, these speakers, my dad bought it in 1993, never used it til we moved in the new house then i took them. Even the rubber on the left speaker subwoofer is fading away.
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    I'm a polk audio fan myself. The LSi line will be out of budget if you figure a good Sub (also, 4 ohms might be an issue). Polk's RTi line are very solid performers for home theater, I'd go RTi8's for mains, CSi5 center, RTi6 or 4 for surrounds, but get a good quality sub. Polk aint known for subs, so go SVS or Hsu, best you can get in your budget.

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