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Jan 3, 2009
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I have been reading a ton of the great information on this forum the past few weeks and I'm trying to narrow down my speaker selections and I am hoping this post will result in some tailored speaker recommendations that will help me decide. We will be finishing our basement in July and I am looking to purchase a 5.2.4 speaker setup. I've attached a picture of the planned configuration (though open to suggestions on that as well). The challenge I'm having is with the Atmos speaker placement. We have ceiling ductwork running the length of the basement where I would ideally be placing the rear height speakers in-ceiling. Because of this challenge, my thought was to have the rear height speakers as SVS Prime Elevation and mount them to a boxed out (wood/sheetrock) support pole tilted toward the MLP. The rear heights would be a little more than 6' up due to the lower ceiling from the ductwork. For the front height speakers, I would either get another pair of SVS Prime Elevation and look to build them into the ceiling with an angled nook to partially hide without blocking the sound-path or would consider a pair of traditional in-ceiling speakers if I could find one that paired well with the Elevations. The front height would be around 7 1/2' high without any soffit to deal with. I could also probably fit the rear height speakers right at the front of the ductwork soffit to keep as in-ceiling, but this would likely place them directly above the MLP or at most 2-3' behind. Would having rear height speakers in that position to MLP lose the primary benefit of an object-based sound speaker?

The section where the home theater setup will be is ~19' x 17', but then there is another 12' x 48' of open space that will have the bar. Most of the ceiling other than the soffit section will be around 7 1/2' high. I am planning to get a tv in the 75 - 85" range. Listening mix will probably be 75% movies/gaming and 25% music. As far as my preferred listening level, I'd say it will generally stay below reference levels and closer to the 70 - 75 db range. I've read a lot about different speakers leaning more bright vs warm and I honestly can't say which I would prefer - probably looking to get something that is balanced. I am not the type who will want to sample a lot of speakers planning to return the ones I don't like - I'd rather do the research, make a decision, and as long as it meets expectations stick with it. Because of this, speakers that get polarizing reviews tend to turn me off - an example being Klipsch. Ideally, I'm looking for a speaker system that is fantastic for home theater needs and can perform well with music from classical & opera up through rock & hip-hop when needed. Finally, I'm looking for speakers that look the part as an upscale system - WAF and match the look/feel of the basement.

The last key piece is obviously budget - I don't have a hard budget, but am trying to be reasonable about only spending what I need to get the system / experience that I am looking for. I've read some great written reviews about SVS (and some posters saying they're overpriced) and I really like the look of their speakers & subwoofers, but would say the system below is on the higher end of what I'm looking to spend, which is why I'm seeking alternate suggestions to consider.

SVS Speaker Setup Considered:

1) Ultra Center Channel - read this one is much superior to Prime Center
2) Prime Pinnacle Towers - I don't like the look of Ultra Towers; read great things about these
3) Prime Elevation (x4) - these would fit nicely for pole mounting if I go that route; would consider an in-ceiling alternative if it matched other speakers in sound
4) Ultra Surround - I really like the look of these as wall mounts for L/R surrounds. The two speaker construction would hit different listening positions nicely. I also considered bookshelf speakers set on a wall shelf for surrounds. Don't want these stand mounted, so looking for speakers powerful enough to reach MLP from 10' away.
5) Dual PB-3000 subwoofers - I've read about the benefits of dual subs and with the room size I have thinking I need something powerful. I am in favor of a ported sub and like the size of the 3000's compared to some of the 100 lb+ subs, so this feels like a good mix of power without dominating the room.

I am fine with mixing brands between sub and speakers, but want to have the same brand for the core 5 speakers. I also like the look of towers and want that rather than bookshelf - I like the leaner look of the Prime Pinnacles. I've seen recommendations on Chane and don't think they have the variety of speakers I'm looking for. Emotiva is another brand I learned about and am considering, but like the look of SVS better.

Please let me know if there are other brands and speakers I should be considering that would work with my room dynamics and I would welcome any advice on how best to handle the Atmos speaker placement! Thank you!


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