Roger Waters, Elton John & Journey

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  1. Nick Zender

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    Nov 2, 2001
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    Well I did it, blew my Birthday money on myself and bought all three.....

    My thoughts?

    Roger Waters-In The Flesh-Live

    I was extremely impressed with this...It had the best video quality of anything I have seen so far.

    I also thought the soundtrack was well done.

    I really had nothing but praise for this one and would think any fan of Pink Floyd would be happy with it.

    I would give this a 10

    Elton John-One Night Only-Greatest Hits

    Man, This was a big disappointment for me considering how I was looking forward to it for weeks now and went to several stores to find it.

    Video was absolutely horrible....the worst I've seen on any disk I own.

    I seriously think my ten year old video camera would have done a better job. Not just the video that was bad but couldn't even get it in focus half the time. I can't say enough on how bad the video quality was in my opinion.

    Song selection was very good but found that on my system I had to set the center level to minus digits because the vocals drowned out the piano.

    I never did get the piano sound to come through the way I had it pictured from hearing Elton on The Concert for sounded awesome on that disk.

    My last complaint is a personal judgement...I really am not a big fan of live shows anyway but I prefer when the sound crew turns down the volume to a reasonable level during applause.

    On this disk it seemed to be moderately louder than the concert itself which was extremely irritating.

    Overall, I wish I hadn't purchased this.

    I give this a 4-5 on a scale of 10.


    I was just a borderline Journey fan and at the price of $14.99 I'm not all that disappointed in this one. Video was good but on my system the audio was lacking. Seemed like the guitar and instruments were overpowering and vocals were way low and sounded a bit like it was recorded underwater.

    included all the Journey hits and also a decent guitar and keyboard solo.

    Overall I'd give it a 6-7 on a scale of 10.

    Just my thought and love to see what others felt.

    Happy Holidays to all


    DEAN DE FURIA Stunt Coordinator

    Feb 11, 1999
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    I mirror you thoughts about the EJ disc. I liked the sound but the video is really lacking. It's soft, colors bleed, artifacts all over the place. Man, it looks like it was filmed 15 years ago. I guess I've been spoiled by the Springstein disc which is pristine.
  3. Mike_G

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    Jun 1, 2000
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    Does the Journey DVD have Steve Perry or the new guy?

    Mike (old Journey fan)
  4. TheLongshot

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    May 12, 2000
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    It is the new guy.

  5. KevinJ

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    Aug 20, 2001
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    personally, i liked the ej dvd. video and audio wise there were no problems with this disc whatsoever.maybe your tv's need to be tweaked to get the picture to look right as it did on my set.

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