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receiver warranty ? about etronics (1 Viewer)

Feb 5, 2004
i have read several threads for and against online companies (unauthorized dealers) that sell quality receivers. i am interested in getting a yamaha RX-V1400 from etronics. yes, i know according to yamaha they won't honor the warranty. but when i asked etronics about this, they responded with the following...

Manufacturers try to fool you into thinking that you need to buy from an authorized dealer. 99% of the time this is simply not true! Most of the time you simply need to take the item in need of repair or technical support and provide a proof of purchase which we provide 100% of the time. As long as it is within the manufacturers warranty period, you are covered! Even though you saved up to 50% off what you would have paid at a so called authorized dealer. There are a handful of exceptions with certain manufacturers like Pioneer, Denon, Yamaha, Acoustic Research. If an item from one of these manufacturers should need service under warranty, Simply call us or email us to receive a Repair Authorization Number. Ship the unit back to us with a description of the problem, and Etronics will have it repaired at no charge to you. Once the unit has been repaired, we will ship it back to you at no additional cost.

has anyone had any dealings with this situation?

Robert T

Aug 24, 2004
Well, not personal but had a friend that made the decision to save a few dollars buy going the unauthorized 'net' route. In the end he paid the full retail + for the product.

etronics covers the warranty, not Yamaha. This also means that the personel repairing the product may not be factory trained for that product. Not to mention the possible damage from being shipped twice..........
IMO, buy from a local authorized dealer.


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