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Feb 5, 2004
hey guys. this is my 1st post so here goes. i am building a new house and figured that's a good reason to upgrade my system. currently i have:

-onkyo TX-SV525 60w (F/C), 20w (R)
-infinity SS2005 125w (F)
-infinity CC1 80w (C)
-infinity LMPS 80w (R)
-sound dynamics ths-10 sub

with the new house, my funds are seriously being stretched with new appliances, landscaping, blah, blah, blah. my budget for a new receiver is $500-600. my living room is going to measure 14x21x8 (carpeted). from what i've read in the threads here, i am considering the following:

-yamaha RX-V1400, RX-V740
-harman kardon AVR-330
-onkyo TX-SR601
-denon 1804

i don't know alot about all of the technical stuff for setup and whatnot. i will use the system for 98% home theater, 2% music. i've read about recommendations from harmanaudio.com but am more than a little concerned about a refurbished receiver. any thoughts? also, what are your thoughts about purchasing from an online dealer (etronics)? they seem to be significantly cheaper than locally (but no warranty?). thanks for all of your feedback, it is VERY appreciated.


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Dec 17, 2003
Welcome to the forum! Generally speaking a refurb direct from the manufacturer is a good deal as long as it comes with a reasonable warranty (which the HK does). Also, for that budget you could probably pick up an HK 525 which would just give you a few more features and a little more power if I remember correctly. Be sure to check out Ebay. HK sells some refurbs directly on Ebay and sometimes you can get one a little cheaper than they go for on the website. Good luck with your new house and new system.

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