Pioneer Elite color adjustment in progressive scan mode?

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    I have a 58" Pioneer Elite 620HD monitor connected to a Pioneer Elite DV-37 DVD player. The receiver is a Pioneer VSX-D811S.

    When the home theater techs first set up the system, they put the DVD player on interlace mode. I soon realized that there was this annoying pinkish band on the right hand side of the monitor whenever I watched a DVD. (Anyone else ever experience this?) The band would disappear if the colors were bright or light. But as soon as darker colors (particularly neutrals) came on, the pinkish band was evident.

    Recently the tech came back to make some adjustments, and when I complained about the pink band, he switched the DVD player to progressive scan. Presto, the pinkish band is gone.

    What I didn't realize at the time was that in progressive scan mode, the color command under the monitor's Picture menu is no longer available. And now it's stuck a couple of notches below the "normal" middle setting. The home theater sales person assured me that this would have no effect on the DVDs, that the DVD player now automatically adjusted the color.

    But I swear they look more washed out than before, and the few DVDs that I felt required adjusting the color up look even more pale.

    Is my home theater sales guy right, that the color being stuck below normal does not affect the DVD, or am I NOT imagining that it does affect the color setting? I wish they had told me progressive scan locks the color command -- I certainly would have moved it back to the normal setting before they switched to progressive scan.

    And why does progressive scan lock out the ability to adjust the color level?

    I've looked at the manuals but don't see anything about this.

    I don't suppose there is any way to have both the color command available and progressive scan...?

    Thanks for any advice/comments on this situation.
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    Michael Chen

    If you have to ... just go to the service mode and pump up the colour parameter by a bit to even it out.

    Keohihdtv has the proper links to where the pioneer information is.


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