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May 22, 1999
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I own a wonderful TC-PC55UT50 Panasonic Plasma set, fit into a very tiny apartment. I have swapped this out for the largest display I can accommodate, a 65" LG OLED. I haven't the space to keep both of these sets.

The Panny is a 55" set that looks quite wonderful and uses active 3D. I will throw-in 7 pairs of working active glasses (which would cost no less than $240. if bought new). I am looking for $350.00 for the t.v. & glasses. The set is 4 years old and out of warranty, but other than the internal sound (see below), functions perfectly. I'd keep this as a back-up for my 65" OLED, but I simply haven't the space.

The one caveat, (but for home theater fans, probably not a big roadblock): the internal display speakers are not working. But since almost all of us use connections to an outboard sound system, this is not a problem.

I do not have the original box for shipping this (again, tiny apartment), so this would have to be a pick-up, ideally with two persons and a vehicle that it could safely be put into. Or... I have a friend who can box it and ship it to you, but figure on adding another hundred bucks or so to the price. I would have the t.v. hooked up in my place and ready for a demo if you want to schedule a "viewing."

If you have any interest in this, please add a post here or PM me, and we'll go from there.
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