1. A

    Can anybody help me know if my Samsung QN900A tv was calibrated correctly and if the guy I hired did a good job or if there is room to improve?

    Hi, can anybody help me know if the tv calibrator I hired did a good job on this tv or if there is room for improvement and maybe if I should call him back? FYI I am not a pro at this, I just enjoy watching movies and tv shows in 4k and making sure my tv looks good. lol The tv is qn900a 85...
  2. J

    No Front Display

    HI...I have a Panasonic Receiver SA-HE 100 that everything works fine but has the front display lights out...please help
  3. Tony Bensley

    TV Display Resolution Confusion!

    A little over 7 years ago, we purchased a 32" Inch Toshiba Flat Screen TV with a listed 720p Resolution. Over the past few weeks, I've been connecting my Acer PC Laptop to this TV via HDMI cable to play my 2 Season DVD sets of THE MONKEES episodes, as for some unknown reason, they won't play...
  4. Eva01

    Advice needed on new display

    OK so finally got the new place set up and I want to jump onto a new TV. My size preference is 80"+ so the options are somewhat limited. Obviously price is also a factor so unfortunately no 77" OLED for me. =( These are the models I am looking at: • LG 82" 82UM8070PUA – $2200 (UHD TV AI ThinQ)...
  5. Kevin Collins

    Looking to calibrate you UHD display?

    I just met with Stacey Spears today and got a check disc of the upcoming UHD HDR Benchmark disc. It should be for sale soon!!!!!
  6. Sam Posten

    2019 Apple Cinema Display refresh

    'Micro LED'? Whatever. Assuming it can really pull off WCG and HDR and doesn't cost $5k, it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine! https://www.macrumors.com/2019/04/08/kuo-6k-display-q2-q3-2019-new-macbook-pro-2021/
  7. Chris Strnad

    I rode the old display as long as I could; it's time to consider my replacement options...

    I completely passed on the plasma & LED/LCD waves (so I could finally finish my degree), and it looks like my rusty/trusty old Toshiba 50HX81 rptv is now showing signs that a failure may be close-at-hand. I've done a bit of reading here and elsewhere, so now I'm posting to get some...
  8. L

    Rectangle on projector display

    I am trying to help our church. Unknown projector. Suddenly started showing a dim rectangle in the bottom right of the projector display. Not on the laptop display.
  9. G

    subtitles on separate display

    Is there a way to send subtitles to a separate screen so they are not displayed on the main screen?
  10. GBed

    Choices on replacement display

    Hi, recently my 54" Panny plasma quit functioning properly and, paying for a Premier protection plan for my audio/video equipment through Direct TV, they have offered to replace it with one of three choices. The display is in a master bedroom where the 54" is actually a little overwhelming for...
  11. H

    3D Display has stopped working on PC set up

    Hello Folks! Yes, as the title suggests, I tried playing a 3D BluRay on my usually reliable set up recently, and I got the message, The disc has recognized that your player and/or display does not support 3D playback or your player firmware requires updating..." I have updated the drivers on my...
  12. Incloud

    Onkyo TX RZ810 Display

    Hello forum, I am new here and am in hopes that I can get some positive feedback on my concerns regarding an Onkyo TX RZ810 AVR. I recently tore down my system using a Yamaha RX-V765 with Emotiva amps and SVS PB-2000 sub. Basically, the sound wasn't what I wanted and couldn't get it right so...
  13. Shannon W

    Help picking a new display!!!!

    Guys please for give me but I’ve read reviews till I’m blue in the face. Currently my budget is $2000 I’d like a 75” panel but I’m coming up short for that budget so this also is making me look into the 65” range also. My viewing area is about 12-13’; so I’m in a dalima to sacrifice some...
  14. Dick

    Panny 55" Plasma 3D Display

    I own a wonderful TC-PC55UT50 Panasonic Plasma set, fit into a very tiny apartment. I have swapped this out for the largest display I can accommodate, a 65" LG OLED. I haven't the space to keep both of these sets. The Panny is a 55" set that looks quite wonderful and uses active 3D. I will...
  15. Elfmaze

    TV for Static Photography display

    Hey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble picking a way to do this safely. obviously OLED is out. But looking for a 60 to 65 inch TV for displaying my photographs. From what I've gathered I'm avoiding OLED like the plague, IPS panels might be a bit risky, VA panels look like the most...
  16. Dave Upton

    Show Off Your Black Friday Display Purchases

    I'll kick it off. Thanks to Black Friday pricing, I just received a brand new LG OLED65E7P from @Robert_Zohn Here it is, sitting in the living room. I'll have to wait until after Thanksgiving to calibrate it, but it's a gorgeous display.
  17. Andrew_A

    Will any 4k player produce the same picture if the processing is in the display?

    Hello, I have a LG OLED B6 65" display. I currently have the Oppo BDP-83 and my 1080p bluray discs look great. I know the upscaling is happening in the TV. To play UHD discs I need a new player, but does it matter which one if the TV is processing the signal? I am taking into consideration new...
  18. Dick

    Question About My New LG 65EF9500 Display

    I've had this set now for five days and am in awe of what it can do. It was the last LG -- manufactured in October, 2016 -- to offer 3D, and thus the best-tweaked of all their OLED 3D displays. It is an exponential upgrade from my 55" Panny plasma, and I got it for $2400. LG isn't kidding when...
  19. Citizen87645

    Display for digital signage

    I'm looking for a display for digital signage that will serve as a welcome sign and schedule for my employer's daily events and activities. The source content will be 1080p still images/graphics via Rise Vision. However there aren't many choices of 1080p displays at 60 inches and above; the vast...
  20. Scott Hart

    7% Increase Increase In Panel Shipments Expected Q2 2017

    Scott Hart 7% Increase In Panel Shipments Expected Q2 2017 I am always excited to see business booming. There sure are signs that the global economy continues to improve. Global LCD and OLED panel shipments are expected to increase by 7 percent in the second quarter of 2017 quarter to...
  21. Adam Gregorich

    3D discontinued by all major display manufactures

    Last year Samsung dropped 3D, and for 2017 Sony and LG have both announced that they will be dropping 3D as well. I guess I need to get out and buy a 2016 model :( Tim Alessi, LG's director of new product development, told tech website Cnet: "3D capability was never really universally...
  22. gadgtfreek

    LG Display reports a positive Q4 2016, to put more emphasis on OLED in 2017

  23. New World Orders

    LED Movie Poster LED Light Box Cinema Frames

    Hello everyone! I'm Jesse and my company New World Orders, sells LED Light Box Poster Frames. We are located in Kansas City, MO and our frames are US made, warranty backed. Check us out www.neworldorders.com Or message me at [email protected] or here.
  24. I

    displayPort to HDTV extension

    I have 10 foot Cable Matters Gold Plated DisplayPort to HDTV Cable, that I bought last November. I use it to hook up my laptop to TVs for video presentations on the road. I sometimes need an extra 10 feet. My questions: 1. ) Would it be OK to get a High Speed HDMI Extension Cable? Or would...
  25. crashnburn

    Local Live Display from Cam/ Camera to Projector

    Local Live Display from Cam/ Camera to Projector A friend wishes to Live Display his work "he's an artist" LOCALLY. - From a Camera/ Cam (1080p or 4K) - On a tripod. - To a projector (1080p or 4K) - Now, one thought would be direct from Cam to Projector - Cables?? Any wireless options...
  26. Eastmancolor

    Oppo BDP 93 - No Output - HDMI Flashing on Front Display

    Just rewired with all new HDMI cables into a new Pioneer receiver. All has worked great for a week. Worked fine earlier today. Now, nothing. I am not getting any picture, nothing, when I try to watch Blu-ray's. Nothing comes up. Just get a blue screen. "HDMI" is flashing on the front...
  27. T

    65" Samsung Display Woes - Seeking Input

    Good Day! This is my first post here, so apologies in advance for any inadvertant breach of etiquette or protocol. I'm in the process of upgrading to 4K, which is proving to be the sloppiest and most confounding upgrade I've ever undertaken. There seem to be a great meany conflicting opinions...
  28. Bleach

    New Oppo BDP103D won't display on my Samsung HDTV LCD

    hi just got ir yesterday. finally hooked it up this morning. after many troubleshooting and lots of googling im calling it quits for now. i bought it online and since its Sunday and especially Easter today the store isnt available to get help from. Hope to hear from you talented and...
  29. Sam Posten

    BenQ HT4050 DLP Home Theater Projector Review

    Official1 by Sam Posten posted Mar 17, 2016 at 9:41 PM http://www.benq.us/product/projector/HT4050 Honestly, it’s kind of a weird time to buy a projector. :wacko: Oh sure, if you have $20k to spend you can find a monstrous 4K projector in your budget that will most meet your needs for the...