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  1. H

    3D Display has stopped working on PC set up

    Hello Folks! Yes, as the title suggests, I tried playing a 3D BluRay on my usually reliable set up recently, and I got the message, The disc has recognized that your player and/or display does not support 3D playback or your player firmware requires updating..." I have updated the drivers on my...
  2. Dick

    Panny 55" Plasma 3D Display

    I own a wonderful TC-PC55UT50 Panasonic Plasma set, fit into a very tiny apartment. I have swapped this out for the largest display I can accommodate, a 65" LG OLED. I haven't the space to keep both of these sets. The Panny is a 55" set that looks quite wonderful and uses active 3D. I will...
  3. aPhil

    What 3D TV to Buy

    I have the Samsung UN60H7150, and I really like this set. Great direct-view set and almost perfect for 3D. The 2014 Samsung beat the pants off 2 former Panasonic Plasma sets that I used to own. On Panasonic Plasmas, the ghosting on 3D movies (especially "Dial M for Murder") was unacceptable...