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Nov 11, 2001
Hello all,
Well after lurking and searching through posts for the past week, I think I have decided on my very first receiver to get me started in this crazy world of Home Theather. After reviewing several models from Denon, Sony, Pioneer, & Yamaha, I am thinking of going with the Yamaha HTR5460. I've seen a few posts regarding this brand/model, and a majority of them seem positive. I'll be honest, I am a bit intimidated by all the plugs in the back as I'm just getting my feet wet. However, one of the big factors of me going with this receiver is the fact that it has Component hooks ups. I currently have a Sony Wega 27" and a DVD player with component hookups and optical out. I am using an S-cable to connect the DVD and TV along with the composite left/right cables for audio (No receiver yet). As much as I like the picture I'm getting, I hear that stepping up to components will yeild a nicer image. Most of the other receivers I looked at, in my price range, didn't have hook ups for components. I'm not sure if my reasoning for needing the component hook ups on the receiver is sound or if I may not be grasping the full picture (no pun intended). I also like that it has decent power, even though I live in a small two bedroom apartment. I hear that even if you don't intend to play it loud, the extra wattage makes a difference. So all in all, with my limited knowlegde, I think it seems like a good choice for a first receiver. However, I would really appreciate some feedback from the veterans out there. I'd love to hear some pro's & con's and anything that may help to make me more knowledgeable in this area. Even if it means that I should re-evaluate my pick. I am pretty sure I can score the HTR5460 for about $330 + tax. If there are other models that are comparable in price/performance, please let me know. Like I mentioned, I reviewed several others.. but a lot of the specs and jargon is still confusing.

Chuck C

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Jan 6, 2001
A couple words about the hookups:
I have a 27" Wega. I've used both s-vid and component, and I can barely tell a difference. Anyway, component video switching is only an option if you run out of inputs on the TV. Straight DVD-to-TV connection is the preffered method by most of us here at HTF. With that said, comp. vid on the receiver is something I wouldn't worry too much about.
Worry about good sound and build quality. The 5460 is a solid choice, but take into account that you'd only get about 1dB headroom with 100 watts compared to, say, the Denon 1802 (80wpc)--that's nothing!
If all the connections on the back scare you, don't worry about it! I was scared once too...5 speaker cables, optical cable, and maybe even a sub is the bare minimum connection you should concern yourself with for true 5.1 surround.
Here's a couple articles I wrote that may help!..
Video Switching
Wega Calibration
16:9 enhanced mode
Yamaha HTR vs. RX-V
Chuckster's HT Site
The At-Home Home Theater (E.L.)
The Dorm Room Theater (E.L.)

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Nov 11, 2001
Thanks for the info. I took a look at the links you supplied and found some good information there. Now I know that it's not the end of the world if I get a receiver without component hook ups. I will probably take another look at some of the models from Denon and Onkyo. Although, I don't think I'll have too many complaints with the HTR5460, since I really don't have a point of reference.. unless you consider the speakers on the side of my Wega.
Anyone else have any insight they would care to share?

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