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Suggestion for best setup with current equipment (1 Viewer)


Nov 30, 2014
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Hello All,
This is my first time posting and I apologize if I'm putting this in the wrong forum but thought it might be a setup question. So I recently came into possession of a couple of different piece of equipment as we just bought a house that had some in it and family member giving me some equipment to test or sell for them. So I've tried a couple of different times to setup a nice home theater that I can watch a movie on and not turn the volume up when people are talking and quickly turn it back down as explosions start to go off. I do some research, try a few things, sometimes helps for one movie then try another one and settings are all off. So I'm going to give it a hardy try again but now I have two different receivers and speaker sets so I was looking for advice on which combination I stand the best chance of getting an enjoyable movie / football watching experience.

So currently I have a Pioneer VSX-1022-K with a JBL 5 speaker and sub woofer set (SCS135) that came with the house. Just by running the auto tuning system, the sound is decent for me. On DVDs, seems to do really well but the one BlueRay I've watch, I kept having to play with different settings (too quite during talking and really loud during action).

So I just received a Klipsch HD Theater 1000 set. It's missing one of the speakers but they think they know where the other one is but if not, I know it's discontinued but I suspect I can pick up a replacement or refurb on Ebay. Reviews I've seen look pretty good but you know how reviews go. I also now have a Onyko TX-NR525 to test now too. I haven't messed with it at all.

So I was looking for peoples opinions on the best combination of these to actually spend time trying to get properly calibrated. After I actually put some time into getting it setup correctly and not just the defaults, and if I still don't like it, I'll look at spending some money but just really wanted to defer to others who know more about this stuff than I for which they would spend time with trying to get setup.

Any suggestions or links to information on a good way to calibrate a theater system for a newb, I'd appreciate it too. Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving.


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Jul 4, 2012
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Your BD player has DRC. Turn it on.The 1022 and 525 "might" have night mode. Those work with Dolby only. The 525 also might have Audyssey Volume.As for tiny speakers...I'm not much help, but the Klipsch HDT sets tend to be "treble screamers".

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