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Colin Jacobson

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Apr 19, 2000
Special Prime-Time 'Celebrity' version this spring hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. (Syndicated version ended Jan '19).

Due to current situation, the 'Ask The Audience' lifeline was replaced by 'Ask The Host'. And the celebrities were allowed one person to 'help' for the first ten questions.

It was successful enough to get a renewal.

Thanks! I spend so much time with Blu-rays that I have almost no idea what's actually on TV anymore! :D

Jake Lipson

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Dec 21, 2002
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Jake Lipson
It was successful enough to get a renewal.

I was thinking that, now that the show has been successfully relaunched with a celebrities edition, it would be fun to go back to having regular people play for the next cycle because some of the drama inherent to Millionaire involves watching average people make decisions that could change their life.

But if they want to go with celebrities again, whether for the immediate next cycle or a future one, it occurred to me that they should get Dev Patel to play for real, because he's obviously associated with Millionaire due to Slumdog. It would be so much fun to see how he would actually do playing it in real life. Plus, Disney owns Slumdog Millionaire now through the Fox acquisition, and they air the show on ABC, which also broadcasts the Oscars. So It's a cool idea that checks all the boxes in terms of integrated cross-promotion. If they really wanted to go all-in on it, they could even ask Anil Kapoor to sub in for Jimmy as host for just Dev's episode, so that it would be a Slumdog reunion in real life with the real game. That sounds like a huge sweeps month event to me.
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