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David Preston

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Mar 23, 2003
Very nice I like the lights along the wall. I finally found someone else who has a Cerwin Vega Sub. I have the Cerwin Vega HT-120. How do you like your sub? I think mine sounds pretty good but you know how it go's you the upgrade bug bites you and you gotta do it. I will be going with a DIY sub. I'll be selling mine. I also like the riser for the couch very neat three couches. Very nice setup. I


Second Unit
Mar 3, 2003
Nice job, Bryan!

Nice sconces. Where'd you find them?

Hey-- your old decor is very Archie & Edith Bunker. verrryyyy nice. :D I'll bet you're excited about the change!


Apr 2, 2003
Very nice system and very clean room, bryan. Have you considered mounting the rear athenas from the ceiling in a 45 degree angle. I see that it might intrude on the vertical blinds but on the opposite side it may cover the wiring to the projector. My concern is the 3rd row seaters might either hit the speaker coming in/out or worse.

Also, I notice you have a 4:3 screen meaning if you watch letterboxed movies the centerline of the image is probably fairly high in the room. If you sit in the likely sweet spot of the center row, does the sound feel "low" in regards to placement against the image. My friend recently installed a home theater and he got around this problem by installing another set of speakers in the ceiling. I know this goes against "standard" conventions especially possible acoustical and impedance loading issues but what we found was that the sound (especially dialogue) "centered" itself to the middle of the screen, as if the screen was perforated and speakers were lined down the middle. You might want to consider this option, or at least give it a try if you have some extra speakers lying around (most home theater junkies always have extra speakers lying around j/k)

Anyways, have fun:)


Feb 12, 2003
Hey Guys,
Thanks for all the good comments.

The Athenas are great. I was a bit worried when I first started looking @ them, but they have turned out to be great speakers.

I was also abit worried about people hitting my rear speakers having them next to the couch, so I have bolted the speaker stands to the risers and the speakers are attached to the stands, so there is no worry about they falling. As for the sound on the 3rd row it is not perfect, but the sweet seat (my seat) is the middle row anyways.
I will be adding two more speakers soon to make it 7.1, (I cant wait).

About my sub, All I have to say is I love it. My neighbor complains now and then, but what are you going to do?

The risers are both 4x8. The first riser is 6 inches and the second is 12. The couches are from Ikea.
The scones are from Home Depot. I wanted to get the arms for the lights in silver, but they only had 5 silver arms and I needed more, so I had to go bronze. I do like how the bronze turned out in the room though.

About the sound being "low" as you say, I have not found that a big problem, I have my center speaker angled up so you do not notice that it is coming from below the image. Some people have mentioned to me that having a center below angled up and a center above angled down from the ceiling will make this problem disappear.


Feb 12, 2003
I forgot to add one thing.
Victor you had mentioned about covering the wiring for the projector. I am planning on hiding it between the black rear curtain and the brown curtain behind it. I just have not got to do it yet. There is actually a 3 foot walkway behind the black curtain that is all windows and has my back door leading to my patio. Just thought I would mention that.

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