Need Help: Reservoir Dogs running time discrepancy


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Jan 19, 2004
I need some help from any interested party. I received my copy of the Reservoir Dogs: 15th Anniversary Edition yesterday from Deepdiscountdvd. While logging it in DVDpedia, I noticed that the running time of the film on the disc is 01:39:28, while my Artisan Reservoir Dogs: Special Edition has a running time of 01:38:58. I was surprised to see a difference of 30 seconds. I started trying to determine what is causing the difference. Here's what I figured out so far:

1. The film starts 4 seconds later. On the older release the "Live America" title card comes up as soon as the title starts, within the first second. On the new disc, it does not display until 3-4 seconds in.

2.. There are 21-22 extra seconds at the end of the film after the "Reservoir Dogs" title card where it switches to display a Lionsgate logo animation.

This accounts for about 26 seconds. This means there are about 3-4 extra seconds within the film. So I started comparing the time codes of the "Mr. _______" title cards on both editions to try and narrow down where the extra seconds are coming from. Here's what I got.

Artisan Special Edition

Mr. White: 00:27:00
Mr. Blonde: 00:37:42
Mr. Orange: 01:03:42
End Credits: 01:35:10

Lionsgate Anniversary Edition

Mr. White: 00:27:04
Mr. Blonde: 00:37:46
Mr. Orange: 01:03:48
End Credits: 01:35:18

Now remember, the film starts 4 seconds later on the Lionsgate edition. So the timecodes for the "Mr. White" & "Mr. Blonde" title cards match up. The discrepancy starts to show up on the "Mr. Orange" title card, where it comes about 2 seconds later. By the time we reach the start of the end credits, there is the whole 4 second difference.

While I like Reservoir Dogs a lot, I don't really know the film well enough to recognize if anything is different & I don't really have a setup where I could run the two discs concurrently to try & notice any differences, so I wanted to put this information out there & see if anyone else is able to spot what is causing the discrepancies in the running times.

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