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Frank Gannucci

Jul 1, 2018
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Frank Gannucci
I got a question about the Jackie Gleason Show episode that has (or was scheduled to have) "The Incredible World Of Ed Norton." According to this link (http://www.sitcomsonline.co..., it says that "The Incredible World of Ed Norton" didn't air. Now, the link says that one Honeymooners fan had the first half of that episode of the Jackie Gleason Show episode (without the Ed Norton sketch) and Jackie says that we will see Art later on but the second half is from a different episode. Art doesn't make an appearance after all. It was said that after they finished the "Incredible World of Ed Norton" sketch, Art hated it so much and because of that and it was a disaster, Jackie ordered all copies to be destroyed. Did CBS decide at the last minute not to air it or did it in fact air? My email is [email protected].


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Jul 31, 2003
I don't know anything about this episode but I found this on a website called tv.com

This was a filmed "Honeymooners" spin-off pilot w/ Art Carney as Ed Norton in his daily routine away from Trixie & the Kramdens. Gleason writers Bob Hilliard, Walter Stone & Rod Parker wrote the script. Character actors Al "Grandpa" Lewis, Phil Leeds & Ron Carey rounded out the cast. This was an hour long Jackie Gleason Show. The first half was hosted by George Burns, w/ guests Sandy Duncan, Morey Amsterdam and ventriloquist Aaron Williams. The 2nd half of the hour was the filmed "Norton" pilot. No scripts exist, however guests stars recall there were 2 scenes. The first, in the sewer with Norton cleaning his teeth and singing. And the second scene taking place in a restaurant. Some accounts say that the episode was such a bomb, that Gleason destroyed all copies.
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