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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by JohnPK, Dec 23, 2005.

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    I am new to the HTF. Found out about it when I was researching the Bose 321. Glad I did. I am looking for a speaker system that doesn't need rear speakers. I don't have the ability to hide the wires. I will be using it with a 42 inch Panasonic Plasma TV. I want to stay under $1000.
    P.S. Are systems with a subwoffer better than 2 speaker systems?
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    Hello John,

    Welcome to the forum!

    I cannot advise you on specific systems, because I'm not familiar enough with prices on the US market. I'm sure others will do that!

    Too bad you cannot use surrounds because of the visibility of the wiring. The difference is significant!
    Perhaps your situation changes in the future, so, if I were you, I would still buy an all-round receiver. Most receivers can be "told" (through settings) that you don't have surrounds and/or a subwoofer. And if the situation does change indeed, you can switch them on again!

    A subwoofer isn't really needed to start great sound in your room, but it will certainly improve it considerably if you add one. Furthermore, having a sub may allow you to buy smaller main speakers for the same )or even better) total frequency response.
    The receiver can be told that your mains are "small", in which case lower frequencies will be sent to the sub (along with the sound of the effect channel).

    I'm pretty sure you will be able to find a good system with a receiver and three mains (L, R, and C) for under $1000. I'm not sure if adding a good sub wouldn't bring the amount just above that, though.


    PS Did you find our primer already?
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    Hi John -

    Any HT receiver can be set up to run sans rears. Also, you could get a better mid-fi two-channel rig, but that'd complicate things a bit if you ever did get into a situation wehere you could use rears.

    Subwoofers are beneficial in that they releive the main speakers of bass duty, or augument them in tandem. A sub can also destroy a good sonic picture if not set up correctly.

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