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Oct 31, 2010
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  Disc Specifications: Street Date: October 16, 2012 Feature Run Time: Approximately 146 minutes Ratings: TV-Y (U.S.) Aspect Ratio: 1.78.1 Audio: 2.0 Dolby Digital Languages/Subtitles: English, Spanish and French 2 discs:  DVD+ Bonus and 2nd disc is the digital copy            

Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky

Way hey, Mateys, get ready for some swashbuckling fun with this new set from Disney!  Jake and his shipmates Izzy, Cubby and parrot pal Skully face a difficult challenge when Captain Hook finds a copy of the Pirate Code that mandates a winner-takes-all race between their ship Bucky and Captain Hook’s Jolly Roger --- it’s like racing for pink slips!  As can be expected, Hook plays dirty, and he wins claim to Bucky.  Fortunately, the Neverland Pirate crew enlist the help of Peter Pan to help them see the cracks in Hook’s use of the Pirate Code and joins them on an adventure to win Bucky back.  It takes a lot of determination and teamwork, there are some sad moments saying goodbye to their friend Bucky (accompanied by some appropriately melancholy music) but ultimately our good guys come out on top.  It’s a very engaging story with lots of wonderful animation, voices and music. 

  Mom's Perspective:

I like the variety of the characters and the themes of friendship, collaboration and solving problems – oh, and the use of pixie-dust.  From a parent’s perspective, there are also some great conversation-starters imbedded:

  • Discussing cheating (Captain Hook cheats and ultimately loses because of it) – why is that not the right thing to do?
  • Feeling sad about saying goodbye to a friend, how does that feel and how can you cheer yourself up?
  • Who was the hero in the story?  What makes someone a hero?
  CONFESSION: My favorite part is the BONUS  Pirate-oke with pirate musicians, Sharkey & Bones.  I love their music and we have SOOO much fun singing along with them.  (Warning:  Some songs will get in your head and be there all day!)  These guys (Loren Hoskins and Kevin Hendrickson) were originally members of a family-oriented “pirate rock” band in Portland, Oregon called “Captain Bogg and Salty”.  Their engagement with Disney began in 2009 when Bobs Gallaway, creator and executive producer of the series, was looking for good music for the pilot. Hoskins and Hendrickson were introduced shortly afterward to Disney Television Animation executive vice president of music Jay Stutler, and they agreed to be the musical directors, writing the theme music as well as additional songs for the series. Hoskins is an actor by trade, while Hendrickson was working in the City of Portland as a web developer when Disney came in and gave them the chance to perform.  If you think you might also be a fan, you can read more about Sharkey and Bones on the Disney Wiki here.


Kid's Perspective (AKA from my six year old reviewers):

  • “I like the song they sing when they are confident that they are going to win the race.”  (“Best Friend Bucky”)
  • “It’s very sad when Bucky gets taken by Captain Hook, I cried a little.  He’s a big cheater!”
  • “It’s fun but kind of silly when mom sings along with us and the pirates.”


What's In the Case:

It comes with the DVD plus a Digital Copy and a blow-up replica of Jake’s sword (the one that Peter Pan gave him). The DVD contains the full-length (1 hour) title adventure plus 4 other great episodes and the Bonus Pirate-oke where you can sing along with Sharkey and Bones.


This is a very fun set to own and I recommend it to all fans of the show or any parents of the 8 and under types.


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