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    Hello all,

    I am closing on a home on May 13th. I have read a lot about hanging a TV above a fire place from the heat produced by the fire place to the viewing angle being uncomfortable. I am going to do it regardless. The set up of my living room/kitchen is awkward and really the only place to put the tv is above the fire place which leads me to my question. In your opinion what is my best option/place for putting my components cable box, ps3, bluray player etc? This is the fire place/kitchen



    They are connected. I want the wires to be completely hidden so I was thinking running them through the wall. I am unsure of how hard this process really is and I am unsure of where I can put a tiny entertainment center (although I think this would look awkward having one in my living room).

    Any insight/help/opinion is welcome appreciated!
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    You rebel. :D
    Is the fireplace used? If not, perhaps build a cabinet in the fireplace itself. Otherwise, find a closet close by (just make sure it is ventilated).
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    It depends entirely on how the internal construction is. Do you have to run any wires horizontally? If that is the case, you will have to run through studs. Exterior walls have insulation to deal with. Can you patch drywall? Do you have the nerve to start cutting holes into the drywall?
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    Welcome Justin

    You must have a wife who watches HGTV, where the designers love to put the TV's over the fireplace, and you never see it connected to a surround sound system or any other equipment. It amazes me that new houses are built these days that don't take into account peoples lifestyle changes when it comes to home entertainment equipment. They are still back in the days of large radios, and 21" TV's.

    My fireplace advise to you comes from the college of hard knocks, Been there done that and it doesn't work well. AaAaaaaaaaAfter two nights of stiff necks changes were made in my home. I have looked at your pictures and will point out the problems you are going to have to deal with in addition to stiff necks.

    1. You are going to have to purchase a tilting wall mount as that TV will not sit on the top of your fireplace mantle. This is a must as you are going to have to tilt the screen significantly as you will be viewing up from your seating. This is going to cause a large gap where the top of the screen meets the ceiling.
    2. You will have a minimum of two wires to be connected to your TV. The HDMI cable can be run behind walls. However, for your 120V AC, you are going to have to install a duplex outlet behind your TV. You cannot run AC cords or extension cords behind any wall. This is and electrical code violation that could void your homeowners insurance. You can do the work yourself but you should get a permit to do so to keep things legal.
    3. Where are you going to install your surround speakers. If you have a 5.1 system you are going to have lots of conflicts with your front stage. Your L and R speakers should be at ear level when seated. In a normal TV position that would also place the speakers in the middle of the TV. So with your high TV mount you will have a built in conflict. Also where do you put your center channel so that it works in harmony with your L & R to create a sound field that is centered on your TV screen. Check out this guide. http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&aq=0&oq=dobly+sp&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4GGLL_enUS360US360&q=dolby+speaker+placement

    I see lots of problems. Since you only gave us the view of two of your four wall I cannot give you an alternative location other than wall to the left of your fireplace as Casey recommended. Normal height for your TV and space for a cabinet or stand to hide all of your equipment. Good luck in your adventure and just remember do it the right way.

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