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Help with new Vizio P55-F1and old Denon AVR-1613

Discussion in 'Displays' started by PMG, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. PMG

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    Feb 24, 2019
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    Michael Prange
    Just picked up a P55-F1 Vizio and having a devil of time getting it to work correctly with my Denon AVR.

    I have an old AVR-1613. Yes I know it doesn't support 4k but I don't have a 4k source yet other than streaming via the P55 options (Amazon, Vudu, etc).

    When I plugged everything in, I ran the HDMI out (with ARC) from the AVR-1613 to the HDMI 1 port (with ARC) on the P55. When I try to watch cable/bluray, I get a "no video" error on the P55 unless I swap to HDMI 2 port (where it says AVR-1613 is connected, even when it's not).

    When I try to watch streaming content, the AVR-1613 will swap to TV input for sound, but with AUTO selected on the P55 for audio out (or Dolby Digital) I just get clicks and pops. When I swap the audio out on P55 to PCM, I get sound, but it's not Dolby. Is this due to an HDCP issue where the AVR-1613 won't do Dolby on ARC??

    So here are the problems:
    HDMI 1 connected - video for stream/cast but audio issues on AVR-1613
    HDMI 1 connected - no video from cable/blu-ray

    HDMI 2 connected - video from cable/blu-ray, audio from AVR-1613 is normal
    HDMI 2 connected - no video/audio from stream/cast

    I know I've got something messed up somewhere - do I need to just reset the TV and start over? I just can't figure out how the TV decided the AVR was on HDMI 2 when it was initially plugged into HMDI 1.

    I know I will be replacing the AVR soon and adding a 4k disc source. I do have a new HDMI cable that supports HDCP (just reused the old cables for now) would that help??

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