1. jazzman

    Old Denon Turntable - Need New Cartridge

    Hi, Have a Denon turntable, model D45F, that I need to replace the cartridge. Have not been able to find a compatible cartridge, any suggestions would be appreciated. Sal
  2. D

    Old speakers

    I have a Boston Accoustics 5.1 speaker set. I dropped one and wrecked it. I bought a pair of Polk S15 as replacements. The sound is quite amazing. If there is ever a good deal on an S30 I will probably get it. While I was waiting for my Polk's to be shipped I hooked up my old Audio Research...
  3. R

    Old vs New World

    I have a much loved Pioneer VSX-53TX, two PD-F27 CD players in series. Yeah, I know. Got a Vizio SmartTV. On DishTV and Wi-Fi. When I try to access the receiver SetUp with the 53TX remote the setup menu should appear- nope. Am I SOL? Can these 2 worlds function in unison? Help
  4. P

    Onkyo HT-R550 old receiver, new use

    Trying to use an old Onkyo HT-R550 for a dance studio that will need audio input from a 2.5 jack of a computer and/or ipad/iphone. I am looking for the best option to use and the best ports to hook the cord into. I see 2.5 to component cords online, wondering if that is the best option (or a...
  5. Scott Merryfield

    42 Year Old Zamboni Driver Plays Goal & Wins NHL Game

    I know hockey isn't very popular on this board, but this is an incredible story. In last night's Carolina Hurricanes versus Toronto Maple Leafs game in Toronto, both Canes goalies were injured during the game. Since Carolina was the road team, they had to resort to dressing Toronto's emergency...
  6. N


  7. J

    Fixing up an old home theater- complete beginner overwhelmed!

    So I have been browsing this forum for a few days and the amount of expertise and information here is- overwhelming, to say the least! We moved into a new (to us) house a few years ago- they had some semblance of a home theater setup in the basement that life has kept us too busy to really look...
  8. Greg Lovern

    20 Year Old 5.1 Surround Sound System

    I have a ~20 year old 5.1 surround sound system buried in the back of a storage room. It predates HDMI; the receiver's best audio connection is optical. My television set has an optical output (Sanyo FW65R70F). Before I become a human backhoe and go dig it out, any thoughts on whether it would...
  9. FalconEPL

    Codes For Sale: Some Early, Some New & Some Old

    Hello! I have the following New Codes (in order of release date) & GPS = Google Play Store: Angry Birds Movie 2 HD (Vudu or MA/iTunes) $10.99 **Live Now** 47 Meters Down: Uncaged HD Vudu or 4K iTunes $9.99 **Not Live** Hobbs & Shaw HD (Vudu or MA/iTunes) $8.99 *iTunes via MA* Scary Stories to...
  10. R

    Should I upgrade my 4 year old tv

    I currently have a sony xbr55x850c tv and have been using a Comcast 4 k box and a roku 4 as well as a sont soundbar that I got when I purchased the tv in December of 2015. I want to step up the home theater and upgrade to an apple tv 4k as well as a new ultra hd blu-ray player and early next...
  11. B

    Non Warners Comic Covers

    50+ year old comic covers for non Warner Brother's TV Shows Checkmate by Bob Goughan posted Aug 21, 2019 at 12:26 PMAdventure in Paradise by Bob Goughan posted Aug 21, 2019 at 12:26 PMFollow the Sun by Bob Goughan posted Aug 21, 2019 at 12:26 PM
  12. L

    Old Mother and baby elephant advertising logo

    I am looking for an old advertising logo that featured a mother and baby elephant that I remember seeing when I was a kid in the early 1970s. I think it was a moving van company. Can anyone help me?
  13. Dave Scarpa

    Simple Remote for my 94 year old dad

    I Bought this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LY0FCQO/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_G16fDbFMQBYS4 From what I read it could be programmed for a Hopper 3 from dish, I could only get it to work with the tv functions. The hopper was set to allow IR commands. So I'm still looking for something similar...
  14. A

    An old client with new equipment

    I have a client with a Sony R2500 receiver with a dual cassette player and 5 disc CD changer connected to their Xfinity cable box and I forget what the TV is. The audio is connected from the cable box to the stereo and the tv is connected via an HDMI cable. On the remote there is an "All Power"...
  15. Dane_egghead

    Anyone still have one of these old Mittsubshi RPTVs?

    The Old Mitts WS-65819 from 2001, fully tuned from 2002. Still worked great! It had to go today, kind of sad actually. The major downfall was that there were no HDMI inputs, those were on the 2003 model. This was only 1080i, but looked real nice. Just before demolition The Mother board that I...
  16. S

    Looking to access old account

    Hi, I was a user a long time ago and I'm unable to recover my account because (I assume) I used an email account that is no longer active, and I'm not able to remember my password. Is there any way to recover the account? Thanks, Scott DeToffol (that's my old account username).
  17. A

    Is it possible to Re-purpose old speakers?

    Hi, i recently found a couple of old speakers lying around in my house and I was thinking i could maybe use them with my tv, the tv is a samsung nu7100. The thing is the speakers have a weird connection, it seems like its just two cables (a red and a black one). Is there some kind of adapter or...
  18. P

    Help with new Vizio P55-F1and old Denon AVR-1613

    Just picked up a P55-F1 Vizio and having a devil of time getting it to work correctly with my Denon AVR. I have an old AVR-1613. Yes I know it doesn't support 4k but I don't have a 4k source yet other than streaming via the P55 options (Amazon, Vudu, etc). When I plugged everything in, I ran...
  19. SFMike

    They Shall Not Grow Old is the 3D event of the year

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  20. E

    Help with old and new componenets

    I am attempting to connect the following components as a surround sound system: Insignia TV (approx. 6 years old), Sony DVD Home theater system (DAV-DX255), Karaoke machine (CAVS DVD-203G INX2), an older Wii, a Pioneer PL 990 Phono, and the Amazon Fire Stick. The problem(s) I am having is I...
  21. W

    Fire TV to old projector - audio issues

    I have an old Optoma HD70 projector. Here is a picture of the rear panel: I also have an old Sony 5.1 home theater system (last time i posted about this system, a bunch of people laughed - yeah it's old but it works fine for what I need). Here is a picture of the rear panel: So I bought a...
  22. K

    Are my speakers too old?

    Back in 2007/2008 I purchased James Loudspeakers for my home theater. I have since moved and stored them. They haven't seen the light of day since 2014. I have the following: 1 - EMB 1200 sub 3 - 805 SDX's 4 - 62 SDX's This may be a silly question but in my new house, I am considering...
  23. M


    My Top Ten? Just a long list - biased toward technical elements which "expand" on blu ray (i.e. Scope & stereo) for a large format home cinema - I am lucky to have a Cinemascope screen. (2.40). At the outset we are all grateful to WA for many amazing DVD releases (including many second feature...
  24. M

    New Receiver Yamaha RX-V583 + SUB NS-SW050 with old speakers from Philips 7540

    Hello, I planned to upgrade my home cinema sound. I am currently using the Philips 7540 and I wanted to have a better sound. The plan was to use the 5 speakers from my old cinema system and just upgrade the receiver and the sub, so I bought the Yamaha RX-V583 and as subwoofer the Yamaha...
  25. sealrock

    Will passing HDMI signal through a 12-year old unit like Pioneer VSX-74TXVi degrade resolution?

    I bought a Pioneer Elite VSX-74TXVi for very cheap. I am passing DVD, TiVo, and an Amazon Fire stick through it. I'm not clear if the HDMI signal just passes directly through the unit and arrives at the TV same quality, or if there is some processing. Without going into detail, I got the...
  26. E

    Old Sub woofer's cable is not compatible with the "sub woofer out" in the AVR

    Hello everyone, our old LG "home theater in a box" sub woofer's cable is ran through a hole and sealed with a wooden wall from one side (We can't access it to change the cable) and from the other side (the one you connect to the receiver) it has a weird jack: How do we fix this so we can...
  27. Patrick Sun

    Disposing of old HT gear?

    So, I finally took the 4k plunge since prices are so low for 4K UHD TV sets, and even 4K UHD Blu-ray players, but realized that I needed to retired a lot of old pieces of HT gear just collecting dust over the decade or two. Yep, my house has been a museum for old out-dated HT gear nowadays, and...
  28. A

    4K for 45 years old 16mm camera negatives. Make difference???

    This looks like the best transfer for a such old 16mm emulsion camera negative I ever saw on video. Judging from screen captures. I didn't image a 45 year old 16mm film could have such details. Looks as good or sometimes a bit better than some transfers from 35mm prints ...
  29. Peter M Fitzgerald

    I'm nostalgic for old 'Creature Features' intros on local TV...

    ...things like "Chiller Theatre" from WPIX-11 out of New York, WGN-9 Chicago's "Creature Features" and WKGB/WLVI-56 Boston's "Creature Double Feature"... ...so I recently made a couple of my own, just for fun, using free audio/video editing software: :popcorn:
  30. Chris Strnad

    Also not new.

    I think the last time I was active on the forum, the Denon AVR-5800 was new... I'm still rocking the same old equipment from back in the day, but circumstances have all the speakers sitting in storage for the time being :( In the meantime, my Toshiba 50hx81 rptv has gotten quite long in the...