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    So I finally have my Energy Take 5 system set up and am looking to upgrade my set. I have a 12 year old Mitsubishi 27" console (nice oak cabinetry). This was just about the nicest picture out there when I bought it, so quality picture is important to me. But with DVDs and widescreen I need a bigger image.

    Here's what I think I want. Between 36"-50". I don't want some 65" monster (nor would my wife). Flat screen? They look cool, but I don't know enough to know whether they are genuinely better. Widescreen (16x9): Definitely. Digital: Yes. HDTV: Don't know. Tube or projection: I lean toward a tube, but don't honestly know enough.

    Cost: I am open. No I'm not looking to spend a fortune, but will shop for the best price once I decide on a set.

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    All 16/9 sets sold in the US are progressive scan and HD-capable.
    Direct view sets top out at 38" for the RCA, which runs around $2500 and includes an HD-capable DirecTV/OTA tuner. These have not been trouble free, and do not have flat screens.
    Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony, and Phillips make 34" 16/9 flatscreen direct view sets, but they are generally more expensive than much larger widescreen rptvs--in the $3k+ range. The Sony includes an ota HD tuner, costs $3500.
    The others are a bit less, but don't include the HD tuner.
    Bigger is better, of course, and if you want the best big picture for dvd and don't necessarily need to go HD right now, a 50" 16/9 rptv can easily be had for $2500. Look at the Sony KP51HW40, Toshiba 50H81 and 50HX81 (the HX has nicer cabinet, an antiglare protective screen, and better crts than the H), and Hitachi 53UWX10B.
    Hitachi and Toshiba also make nice widescreen rptvs in the 43 and 42 inch sizes, respectively, for around $2100.
    Pansonic makes a 47 inch widescreen for a bargain $1995, needs a bit of simple tweaking to get the best picture, but good bang for the buck.
    Mitsubishi's 46 inch model can be had for around $2400, also.
    Today's HD-ready rptvs, if adjusted properly, can produce a picture every bit as good as a direct view set, but do not work well in really brightly lit rooms. You still can't really use an rptv on the sunporch, though they can do quite well in moderate ambient ligh.

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