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Feb 28, 2013
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So my father in law is 90 and just had a stroke. My mother in law is 87 and cannot work tbe TV. I’m hoping to get a recommendation on a universal remote I can buy so that with one button push the tv (on the proper input) and cable box go on. And with anther the tv and the fire stick (on it correct input go on).

Equipment is

Spectrum cable box

Samsung TV

Fire stick

I’m not really home theater tech guy so the easier the better.

Also want to get a flasher so that they don’t have to open door to expose the cable box.

Thanks !
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Mar 4, 2001
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My experience with my parents over the years was that multiple individual remotes were easier than a universal remote. My mom never liked and always had problems with a universal remote, no matter how easy I thought it was.

And if the remote wasn’t pointed right and a step was missed and got out sync, she could never figure out what the problem was and how to get things turned on and off or the right input set.

So that said, some thoughts:

1) Cable co remote controls are normally “universal” and can turn on the TV too. Or, perhaps a new cable box whose HDMI out will trigger a newer TV to automatically turn on (a la ARC). (I don’t have a cable box so I’m only vaguely aware of what’s out there from playing with my parents cable setup every year or two.)

2) Dump cable. Get a new smart TV, with a remote that has key services as physical buttons on the remote like Roku has a Netflix button or my LG TV has a Prime button. So it becomes a one-button system.

3) Dump the streaming and just have cable with the single cable remote.

4) Find and spend for a Harmony Elite, because it has a “help“ feature to get back in sync if something goes wrong. This is discontinued and Logitech has left the market. But it’s still a good product and still works.

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