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Godfather Pt1-Dr Doolittle 2 and my FPTV

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Daniel_M, Jan 28, 2002.

  1. Daniel_M

    Daniel_M Stunt Coordinator

    Mar 15, 2001
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    I'm posting this here in the software section in the

    hopes that both Godfather fans and people with some

    tech knowledge of FPTV's can help me figure out

    if I'm having a problem with my projector or not.

    Now before I get to the question, I want to avoid

    another Godfather transfer quality pissing match by saying

    I understand Gordon Willis's approach to the cinemagraphic

    style of the film. I understand the interior scenes

    are SUPPOSED to be dark and moody. I also know that

    Willis took great pains to make sure the dark areas

    were not muddy and some detail could be seen, even in the darkest scenes.

    I have a Sony CRT front projector that is about three

    years old. I use it on average for about 8 hours a week.

    I've noticed that the blacks in some films are just mud

    even though the the system has been carefully lined up using the Video Essentials DVD.

    The Godfather looked really bad, way too contrasty (I

    know it's a high con picture on purpose) but I've seen

    it both on a regular TV and in the theater about half

    a dozen times, and never did the blacks look so bad.

    I noticed the same problem with Dr Doolittle 2 although

    Brokedown Palace looked OK and that film has it's share of

    moody scenes.

    Am I the victim of not so perfect tranfers to DVD

    where the blacks are crushed? Or, should I re-tweak

    the projector?

    Even by turning up both brightness and contrast which

    I don't like to do after a Video Essentials lineup

    I could not resolve detail in Godfather or Dr Doolittle 2

    which leads me to suspect there is a transfer problem.

    I'm in the video business and I understand technically what

    I'm doing when I do the Vid. Essentials lineup. I redo the

    V.E. lineup once every couple of months and have always

    liked the results.

    If it is the projector is there an overall black level

    tweak I can do inside the unit? I have pro waveform/vector

    monitor I can hook up if that might help.

    Any thoughts?


  2. Daniel_M

    Daniel_M Stunt Coordinator

    Mar 15, 2001
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    OK, no replies after a couple of days.

    I'll simplify the question.

    Has anybody else noticed the Godafather part 1

    and/or Dr. Doolittle pt 2 to be very contrasty

    with loss of detail in the black areas of some scenes, especially interiors?

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