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Nathan A

Second Unit
Mar 3, 2001
I saw this show on July 5, and it blew my mind. John P's stuff was better than I ever would have imagined it to be. Also, the techs did an AMAZING job setting everything up and getting volumes right...it was the cleanest concert I've ever heard...all the volumes were perfect. But only for John...
Steve's setup wasn't nearly as good. I had a hard time hearing some of the notes he was playing, but it was awesome, anyway. He did some stuff from the new live album, as well as some older stuff. He can play the guitar....
I'm not a Satriani fan at all, but he did have Stu playing bass. I was in the front row on the right side of the stage, and Stu was playing right in front of me. So, I started jamming with Stu, and later in the show he threw me a pick..it's white and says "G3 2001" and has his signature on it...it's cool.
Then they all played together, which, sadly, was my least favorite part of the show. Andy Timmons did show up as a guest guitarist, though.
Virgil D. played one of the most amazing drum solos I've ever seen (that includes both Neal P. and Mike P.). Check out his Modern Drummer tape (from 1997 I think) and you'll get a taste of what it was like.
Also, Mike P. threw a drumstick in the crowd and my brother was quick enough to snag it in the air. Lucky us...a pick and a drumstick. Awesome show...hoping it'll come out on video (DVD again!!)


Feb 17, 2001
I saw this tour also and i'll second that, incredible show, i saw the first linup for g3 and this one is much better, this is what g3 was made for, simply incredible, got a pick also and a great recording of the show, Larry

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