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    I have been posting for a month or so and making continuous progress on my HT and PC workstation wall. The cabinets have been completed, wiring installed, dimable lights and wllboard replaced. Should have a premier in a month. Some ticker problems necessitate my using a motorized recliner in which I have been watching TV. I plan to move that to an off corner of my room and get a somewhat more substantial-upright-2seater for serious viewing. Problem is, I can't seem to find anything. Some questions arise to which I'd appreciate comments:
    1)any reference to size and contour of actual theater seats.
    2)any references to furniture that I can build for this purpose. I would like to find plans for a substantially wood 2seater with bottom and back cushions.
    3) any solutions used by others.[​IMG]
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    dont know how much this will help, but somewhere here I remember reading a post that had links to Home Theater furniture companies that offered all kinds of options. Im not good at finding old posts (yet) but try doing a search and see what turns up.

    if i remember correctly they had some pretty nice setups. I am in the same boat, i need furniture for my HT and the search is on!!


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