pc issue

  1. Tony Bensley

    DVD Drive On PC Laptop No Longer Opens Without Paperclip Trick!

    Last night, on the DVD Drive of my 10 year old Acer PC Laptop, I put in a DVD from the PD SHIRLEY TEMPLE & FRIENDS set by Echo Bridge. The reason I mention this is as soon as I put in the disc, the DVD Drive started getting rather noisy. Also, about 2 minutes into the disc (I was playing DORA'S...
  2. Tony Bensley

    Microsoft Word 1997 - 2003 No Longer Works On My PC Laptop!

    A few months back soon after a Windows 10 Update, I noticed that anytime I tried opening a Microsoft Word document, I would get the dreaded (Not Responding) message right before Microsoft Word crashed without the MS document opening successfully! Ever since then, I've had to open my existing MS...