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Jan 27, 2023
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Michael Rozman
I put together my initial design for a home theater, thinking out loud after a few weeks of reading and researching, and wanted to share.
I don't have the sound-dampening info. yet, that will be an integral part, I still need to figure out placement and a vendor that sells what I end up going with. I had an electrician over, we discussed power, lighting, and cabling, so there's a power aspect as well with respect to the breaker, outlets, and a power conditioning unit that's not mentioned, this is primarily the projector, audio, and video components, placement and basics using the audio advice design tool along with some editing to the pdf with models for most of the components. I have a rudimentary system set up now, that my wife and I have been fiddling with, moving furniture around the room and I don't have sound (connected) yet, although my projector BenQ TK800M has a speaker and I plan to use a Sony 9.1 STR-AZ3000ES AVR. I'm not well versed with home theater tech, but I do understand the basics, how things work, and how they connect, can set up a system I think by myself, (not optimal given my lack of experience). For now, I have a basic system and an idea that I'm having fun with and it seems to be coming along.

Rough Draft Design ver 1.3


  • My Home Theater Dream Design Feb 21 2023 1.3.pdf
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Apr 17, 2015
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Sinisa Vujkovic
Congrats on the start of your journey!
Your room is very similar in size to mine, just a tad slimmer, you will have great sound there. BenQ is good projector to start, if few years you will probably want higher contrast one like Epson LS11000 or similar, is the room light controlled ( basement, no windows) or has openings? 117" screen is almost covering all of the wall, room for floorstanders on the side( I have 106" screen and have barely space for speakers and subs on the side)? you will need to toe them in a. bit for best sound. 1 or 2 rows of seating?
As for subs, I would suggest to get a pair and not one as you will get much better, fatter response with less nulls( where you can hear bass well due to standing waves ). Also if you are not tied to Klipsch for sub look into SVS-SB2000, about same price , much more output , I have them in my room and they work flawlessly, really no need for anything more then 12" subs in that space, especially if going with a pair.
When running wires through walls, foolproof, get the wires of 3rd pair of Atmos and also maybe for height speaker above screen, just in case. make sure you run HDMI 2.1 , the latest cable to projector ( capable of 8K) as that will future proof you for hopefully next 10-15 years. I made mistake with 1.4 HDMI in 2014 and now have to scramble when I finally upgrade to 4K...
Wall treatments, will help with sound once room is done as receive EQ is to all mighty. Look into GIK or Acoustimac solutions ( I have GIK), excellent sonically and aesthetically.
Ask away if more questions !

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