windows 10 update issues

  1. Tony Bensley

    Microsoft Word 1997 - 2003 No Longer Works On My PC Laptop!

    A few months back soon after a Windows 10 Update, I noticed that anytime I tried opening a Microsoft Word document, I would get the dreaded (Not Responding) message right before Microsoft Word crashed without the MS document opening successfully! Ever since then, I've had to open my existing MS...
  2. Tony Bensley

    Pioneer Blu-ray burner still reads Blu-rays, but no longer plays them! DVDs still play, though!!

    Just recently, I've noticed that while Blu-ray discs on my Pioneer Blu-ray burner are still recognized, I can no longer get them to play on that device. DVDs still work on that device, however. I'm worried that the laser that plays Blu-ray discs might be kaput, but isn't that the same laser that...