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Fire TV to old projector - audio issues (1 Viewer)


May 9, 2016
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I have an old Optoma HD70 projector. Here is a picture of the rear panel:

I also have an old Sony 5.1 home theater system (last time i posted about this system, a bunch of people laughed - yeah it's old but it works fine for what I need). Here is a picture of the rear panel:

So I bought a Fire TV cube. The cube only has an HDMI out so in order to get sound to my Sony receiver, I also had one of these handy:


The device takes an HDMI as input and outputs an HDMI signal + optical output (SPDIF). So I input the Fire TV cube HDMI output signal into this device. The HDMI that comes out of goes to my projector and the optical audio output goes to my Sony digital optical port shown in the picture above.

When I set it up yesterday, it worked beautifully. The sound was awesome. The picture was flicker free. One day later I tried to watch a movie today and it is not working. The projector is having a hard time with the video signal. I get static snow and then the fire TV video signal pops in every few seconds. I thought it must be some handshaking issue. I've tried turning things on and off in different orders to no avail. The cables worked fine yesterday so I can't imagine them failing all of a sudden today (could be wrong though). I unplugged the device and ran the HDMI from the cube straight to the projector and the video worked perfectly. It must be the video-audio splitting device I am using I guess.

I'll try it again tomorrow - I did leave the device running all day since last night (maybe it got overheated??)

If it still doesn't work tomorrow, does anybody have any suggestions?

I have one idea. I know the Fire TV can stream the audio via Bluetooth, so I was thinking of making the direct video connection to the cube again and then buying something like ...


I would stream audio to this and use the optical out to the Sony receiver (hate to buy another device though). I've bought so many doo-dads over the past year, that I could have bought a new home theater receiver by now (nothing high end of course, but something that works for a budget minded person like me (translation - a cheapo - ha). :(

another idea might be to use a HDMI splitter right off the cube - one goes to the projector and the other goes to the same device above for audio extraction. this would probably be cheaper than the bluetooth device above.
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