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Laura Meyers

Apr 21, 2017
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Laura Meyers
I can't believe a door is tripping us up - but such is the case. I've read enough to get me thoroughly confused and stressed out about our door selection. I know we want solid core and heavy, don't know if wood species matters. We asked our contractor about a solid core flush interior wood door - the contractor's "door guy" (who knows what the goal is) says there's no such thing as a solid core wood interior door and quoted a Flush Panel Thick Rift White Oak Veneer Architectural Grade Solid Core Single Door. The solid core in this case being a particle board. As a layperson "particle board" doesn't sound very "soundproof" to me. We've also been surprised at the cost of doors and would like to keep it under 2k if possible, but wondering if it is.

Does wood species matter? Where's a good place to look for doors? Any other door advice is greatly appreciated



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Jan 24, 2010
East Tennessee
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2K is a lot for a door. While I'm not a expert, I ended up with 2 doors in my theater, (well, actually 3) with different purposes. The entry door was a solid exterior quality door. The reason I used a solid core door was to provide more mass, with the idea of reducing sound transmission in and out. I had a flexible runner on the bottom edge to reduce the gap, again to reduce sound transmission, and ended up reducing it further by putting weather stripping around the frame to seal the gap around the door. The latter reduced sound transmission noticeably as well. I've no idea what the actual core material is, I just used what was available for the mass. The second door was to the equipment area, and was a special size. I used a custom wood door, framed to fit the space, with a smoked glass front. I went to a local cabinet shop, told them what I wanted, provided the dimensions, glass and hardware and they made it. The total cost for the framed door, glass and hardware was about $250. I ended up putting weather stripping on the frame as well. The third door was one on the other side connecting to the equipment and storage space for Blu Rays, CD's and DVD's. It was a regular door that matched.

Specify what kind of wood you want to use, and how you intend to finish it. Wood used with the intention of painting the surface may not be of the same quality as wood intended to be stained and finished to allow the grain of the wood to be visible. If you intend to have any trim or woodwork in the are, this may be a consideration.

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