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Advice on what fixed frame screen to buy for my UST. Formovie? (1 Viewer)


Aug 13, 2023
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Hello all! I am new here, so sorry for any mistakes.

I've just snagged the Formovie Fresnel screen, but realized after ordering it that it has a 50-degree view angle (whoops, my mistake). Wondering if I should reconsider.

Here are my room/usecase specifications:
- Room size: around 27m² (4.8m x 5.5m) with the screen on the 6m side
- Viewer-screen distance (from the main key viewing area which is a sofa directly perpendicular on the center of the screen): 4.5m
- Room width from screen center: 4m right, 2m left
- Another key viewing area: Dining space, 3m right from screen's center
- Ambient light: Glass door and window to the screen's right (on the same wall as the screen) and 2 overhead ceiling light (one in the dining area and one on the same area as the screen is, just on the ceil).

Given my setup, including a Philips Screeneo U5 UST projector with 2000 ANSI Lumens, would this screen suit my needs, or should I consider buying another screen? What are your thoughts? I am interested to keep as much as possible around 70-80% image quality from almost any position in the room (if something like that can be quantified).

In the case I should change the screen - what are your suggestions in the same price range (fixed frame is fine)? I think at least a gain of 1 is needed.

I was thinking that fresnel is the best once since I have both some ambient light and ceil light - and I saw that the Formovie one is really good. But in the same time I was not aware of the restrictive viewing angle.

To add more (hopefully helpful) context - The usecase would be something like this -https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TuYi9X9fWK0scxw8M2w22qRi2AutIvaF/view?usp=drivesdk.Red being the 50 degree and blue the 120 degree (as a simulation). I am not sure how bad it is when you get out of the 50 degree.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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