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    Am setting up a new home theater -- Denon 1082 with Axiom 5.1's. Was wondering about cable reception. We use a cable box, though don't really need to since we only subscribe to basic. Have the cable hooked to the receiver using the standard RCA connections. But was wondering, what if you don't use a cable box -- what would be the proper connection for the incoming cable signal? I would think that it should go straight into the back of the receiver, but I took a quick look and didn't see an obvious port. Did I miss something? If not, what do people do?


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    Any RF signal from a coaxial cable must be connected to an appropriate tuner that will decode the radio frequency signal to audio and video signals. This is why FM radio, broadcast television signals, satellite dishes and yes, cable TV signals all go to separate electronics - although they are all fed by the same type of wire . Does this make sense?

    Thus, if you eliminate a cable box, you must replace it with another tuner that will decode cable TV signals – i.e., a VCR or a direct feed to the television. You can’t connect a cable TV feed to a home theater receiver because it has no built-in cable tuner, only a tuner for AM and FM broadcasts.

    So – in you case, since you don’t indicate whether or not you have a VCR, you would have to connect the cable feed directly to the TV. Many TVs have audio output jacks; you would send that to an input on the home theater receiver. This would get you TV audio into your system.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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