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classic films

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by michael deakin, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. michael deakin

    michael deakin Stunt Coordinator

    Jul 20, 2000
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    Michael Charles Deakin
    Having participated in the re-release thread. I thought i would start a thread for films that have never been released on dvd yet, Particularly classic B+W films.
    Six of my fav,s are.

    History of Mr Polly.
    Hobsons choice.
    The night my number came up.
    White heat.
    Ice cold in Alex.

  2. MichaelGH

    MichaelGH Stunt Coordinator

    Mar 22, 2002
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    Some films I'm dying to see released on DVD:

    Billy Budd
    Cat People (Val Lewton version)
    The Devil & Daniel Webster
    In A Lonely Place
    Mad Love (w/ Peter Lorre)
    The Raven (Boris Karloff/Bela Lugosi)
    Freaks (Tod Browning)
    Village of the Damned (original)
    All My Sons (Edward G Robinson/Burt Lancaster)
    Bad Company (this movie seems to have been disowned, oop on vhs and no sign of it on dvd, for some reason I really really like the style of the film)
    Dial M for Murder
    East of Eden (one of my all time favorite films)

    That's all for now but I would kill to have any of these films on dvd.

  3. JohnN

    JohnN Agent

    Oct 8, 2000
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    Here are a few titles I'm waiting for: [​IMG]
    Greed1924von Stroheim, Erich
    Isn't Life Wonderful1924Griffith, D.W.
    Big Parade, The1925Vidor, King
    Freshman, The1925Newmeyer, Taylor
    Variete 1925E.A. Dupont
    Ben-Hur1926Fred Niblo
    Napoleon1927Abel Gance
    Cameraman, The1928Edward Sedgwick
    Crowd, The1928King Vidor
    Last Command1928Josef von Sternberg
    Pandora's Box1928G.W. Pabst
    Un Chien Andalou1928Luis Bunuel, Salvador Dali
    Wedding March, The1928Erich von Stroheim
    Wind, The1928Victor Sjostrom
    Zvenigora1928Alexander Dovzhenko
    General Line, The1929Sergei Eisenstein
    L'Age D'Or1930Luis Bunuel
    La Chienne1931Jean Renoir
    Marius1931Alexander Korda
    Fanny1932Marc Allegret
    Freaks1932Tod Browning
    I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang1932Mervyn LeRoy
    Dinner at Eight1933George Cukor
    Private Life of Henry VIII, The1933Alexander Korda
    She Done Him Wrong1933Lowell Sherman
    Sons of the Desert1933William A. Seiter
    Zero for Conduct1933Jean Vigo
    Twentieth Century1934Howard Hawks
    Crime and Punishment1935Josef von Sternberg
    David Copperfield1935George Cukor
    Don Quixote1935G.W. Pabst
    Informer, The1935John Ford
    Les Miserables1935Richard Boleslawski
    Lives of a Bengal Lancer, The1935Henry Hathaway
    Mutiny on the Bounty1935Frank Lloyd
    Night at the Opera, A1935Sam Wood
    Ruggles of Red Gap1935Leo McCarey
    Top Hat1935Mark Sandrich
    Cesar1936Marcel Pagnol
    Show Boat1936James Whale
    Tale of Two Cities, A1936Jack Conway
    Awful Truth, The1937Leo McCarey
    Harvest1937Marcel Pagnol
    Adventures of Robin Hood1938Michael Curtiz
    Angels with Dirty Faces1938Michael Curtiz
    Bringing Up Baby1938Howard Hawks
    Destry Rides Again1939George Marshall
    Goodbye Mr. Chips 1939Sam Wood
    Abe Lincoln in Illinois1940John Cromwell
    Letter, The1940William Wyler
    Here Comes Mr. Jordan1941Alexander Hall
    Sergeant York1941Howard Hawks
    In Which We Serve 1942David Lean
    Magnificent Ambersons, The1942Orson Welles
    Mrs. Miniver1942William Wyler
    Yankee Doodle Dandy1942Michael Curtiz
    Fires Were Started1943Humphrey Jennings
    Ox-Box Incident, The1943William A. Wellman
    Hollywood Canteen1944Delmer Daves
    Laura1944Otto Preminger
    Miracle of Morgan's Creek1944Preston Sturges
    To Have Or Have Not1944Howard Hawks
    Dead of Night1945Cavalcanti, Crichton, D151
    Objective, Burma!1945Raoul Walsh
    Southerner, The1945Jean Renoir
    A Matter of Life and Death 1946Michael Powell
    Brighton Rock 1947John Boulting
    Fugitive, The1948John Ford
    Treasure of the Sierra Madre1948John Huston
    Late Spring1949Yasujiro Ozu
    Letter to Three Wives, A1949Joseph L. Mankiewicz
    Passport to Pimlico 1949Henry Cornelius
    Asphalt Jungle, The1950John Huston
    Cyrano de Bergerac1950Michael Gordon
    African Queen, The1951John Huston
    Idiot, The1951Akira Kurosawa
    River, The1951Jean Renoir
    Cruel Sea , The1952Charles Frend
    Forbidden Games1952Rene Clement
    Ikiru1952Akira Kurosawa
    Viva Zapata!1952Elia Kazan
    Genevieve 1953Henry Cornelius
    Tokyo Story1953Yasujiro Ozu
    Earrings of Madame de…, The 1954Max Ophuls
    East of Eden1954Elia Kazan
    La Strada1954Federico Fellini
    Pather Panchali1954Satyajit Ray
    Sansho the Bailiff1954Kenji Mizoguchi
    Bad Day ay Black Rock1955John Sturges
    Dam Busters , The 1955Michael Anderson
    Shin Heike Monogatari1955Kenji Mizoguchi
    Umberto D1955Vittorio De Sica
    Burmese Harp, The1956Kon Ichikawa
    Throne of Blood1957Akira Kurosawa
    Room at the Top 1958Jack Clayton
    Hiroshima, Mon Amour1959Alain Resnais
    World of Apu, The1959Satyajit Ray
  4. John Watson

    John Watson Screenwriter

    Jul 14, 2002
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    With HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY coming, I was recalling HOBSON"S CHOICE. it would be one of mine.

    I've been looking for BILLY BUDD for years.

    I'd like to see the Greer Garson PRIDE & PREJUDICE, and the Olivier WUTHERING HEIGHTS on DVD as well. WUTHERING HEIGHTS was available, but I guess went OOP on me.

    Also would love MY LITTLE CHICKADEE, and POPPY, with WC Fields.
  5. alan halvorson

    alan halvorson Cinematographer

    Oct 2, 1998
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    Which Bad Company are you referring to, Michael? The 1972 version (a very good film) with Jeff Bridges is on dvd (I own it) but IMDB lists many others of the same title, most not rated very highly or at all.
  6. Joe Caps

    Joe Caps Cinematographer

    Dec 10, 2000
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    Warners has a bunch of Cole Porter musicals coming up with two important ones missing - Born to Dance and Night and Day ( the usual Hollywood BS bio film - but great film)
    The number one black and white film I would kill for is from Fox - Prince of Foxes - a historical spectacular filmed entirely in Italy in 1949 starring Tyrone Power - this is show all the time on AMC and Fox movie channel from an old 16mm print - would love this from the negative and the master optical soundtracks!

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