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Cheap Open Baffle, Full Range Driver DIY (1 Viewer)


Feb 2, 2017
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So this is geared a bit less towards traditional home theater, and more DIY 2 channel music listening, but if you know anything about car audio, you may be of great assistance.....

First let me say my initial goal was to build a decent pair of speakers for under/around $40. I have reasonable expectations for this project, and I know for $30-40 there is only so much I can do, (I've done some DIY previously) but I already have an extra stereo amp, and a nice birch plank that I have wanted to put to use. Simple, quick, and easy is what I am going for so I am currently looking at using my birch sheet for a set of open baffle, full range drivers. So I went to parts express, and looked around to find the GRS 8FR-8 Full-Range 8" driver. Despite not having a tweeter, I figured having a large, 8" driver would probably be ideal for open baffle, and was willing to settle for less than crystal highs.

I was pretty committed to buying two of those and calling it a day, but then I took a look at amazon, and found a much wider selection of cheap full range drivers, many of which are coaxials. I realize nearly all of them are for car audio, but for roughly the same price as the GRS, they seem rather promising. Most of the drivers are 6.5", but because they are designed for "open air" situations, I would imagine the bass would not be terrible, and with tweeters, the highs would at least be present. Combine that with economies of scale, the fact that everyone is buying cheap car speakers, and I feel like they might be a better option for the price. Here are a few I found:
(though there are probably dozens more if anyone could recomend)

Rockford Fosgate R165X3, MB Quart DK1-116, JVC CS-DR6820, JVC CSV628

Are these worth it for my application, or am I crazy for buying car drivers and should just stick to the GRS? Any recommendations are welcome.

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