1. M

    Game of Thrones Complete Series, Disney, Other Cheap Digital Copies

    Game of Thrones Complete Series 1-8 - HD Vudu - $30, HD Google Play - $20
 Gemini Man 4K - UHD Vudu - $6 Terminator Dark Fate 4K - UHD Vudu - $6 Dora and the Lost City of Gold - HD Vudu - $4 Buttons A Christmas Tale - HD Vudu - $4 Moana - HD Google Play (transfers to MA/Vudu/iTunes) - $3
  2. E

    My DIY Home Theater with pics (On the cheap)

    I've been planning a dedicated Home Theater for years. I knew what I wanted it to look like but had no idea how to get it done. Enter research on Google and Pinterest! My somewhat simple home theater project morphed into a 3 year project with a whole bunch of cool gadgets and unique aspects...
  3. N

    Wall vs a cheap diy screen

    First of all, thanks for your warm welcoming, Ronald, as I came here looking for a piece of advice and yes, I'm already enjoying your forum. Recently I got Epson 3100 and now I'm hooking it with my laptop and PS. My gaming/home theater room is a basement room with no windows, so no ambient...
  4. Josh Steinberg

    Cheap tablet for Plex WiFi streaming?

    I know almost nothing about the current crop of tablets. I just set up a HTPC running Plex, and on a lark I tried installing the client on an old iPad Mini from 2012ish that my wife got for free ages ago. We’ve never used it for anything else - between our TVs, laptops and iPhones, there just...
  5. Dennis Nicholls

    How long do cheap P&S cameras last?

    My Canon Powershot SD600 has been good enough for me. Its features are now obsolete, e.g. max 2GB memory card, 3X optical zoom. But recently the switches are failing. Several don't work reliably anymore: film/still, on/off, etc. I have to toggle them several times until they work. I dug...
  6. J

    Cheap stereo setup for garage

    I currently have a 1996 Yamaha receiver out there and two 4" bookshelf speakers. I want to buy 2 speakers, a little larger, and had a couple questions. I'm trying to figure out a cheap option. 1) Is there any way to stream music to this receiver so I can play music from IHeartRadio, etc. ...
  7. JohnRice

    Decent "cheap" 40-45" UHD TVs

    I'm on a binge of sprucing up my second system, which is in the living room. I currently have a bottom-of-the-line Samsung 40" 1080 LED, but I'm in the middle of upgrading the whole system. It wasn't planned, it's just working out that way. I have my premium system in the basement, but this...
  8. Dennis Nicholls

    Cheap Android phone from ZTE

    Being single and retired, I don't have a wife and I don't have a boss, so I've never had a cellphone. But I have reluctantly decided to get one for emergency "car breakdown" reasons. I looked for a pay by the minute non-contract phone. Fred Meyer (Kroger) here had this phone for $17.99 close...
  9. Osato

    Cheap Blu-ray player?

    I’m looking for just a basic a Blu-ray player. I’ve been trying to find something really reasonable. I’m a teacher and I just want to have it for use in the classroom. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy etc. I saw that there was an LG bdp25 or 35 That was pretty affordable. I’ve also been...
  10. A

    Finding a cheap game monitor

    Hello everyone, I am a newcomer and I would like to seek some suggestions. I'm currently a college student, I was recently looking for a Gaming Monitor, I just used it to play some simple games and didn't need much quality. Due to financial restrictions, I hope its price will be around US$200...
  11. T


    Good news for those who missed the TT bluray of this film . Amazon is selling the 50th anniversary edition for around 30.00. Fast shipping. Looks great. Region A import from Japan. Purchased at Amazon US.
  12. EVDebs

    Just Bought TCL 55c803 and Cheap Monoprice 5.1 Surround Sound Speaksers

    Now I'm looking for a 5.1 AV receiver probably used since I only have a little more than $100 to spend. I'm currently looking on Ebay and have found a few so far that I'm interested in "Pioneer VSX-D511 5.1 Channel Audio Video Stereo Receiver w Remote XXD3038 Bundle" and "Yamaha RX-V375 5.1...
  13. Dennis Nicholls

    Buying cheap modem, router, and VOIP boxes

    Being retired I can afford to spend the time on being a hobbyist for electronic stuff. When Clearwire ceased operations in 2015, I had to switch to my cable supplier, CableOne, for internet access. Their original lowest tier service was 50 MBS. So I bought a used Motorola SB 6121 for $40 off...
  14. Canis Di Bellum

    Need a cheap Receiver alternative

    My new TV only has Digital (Optical) Audio output (no Aux or composite out) which is great for my Sound Bar but now I can't use my headphones anymore. Is there a cheap(ish) adapter that exists that allows Digital Audio passthrough but also gives an aux out? I really don't want to pay $300 for a...
  15. B

    Cheap Open Baffle, Full Range Driver DIY

    So this is geared a bit less towards traditional home theater, and more DIY 2 channel music listening, but if you know anything about car audio, you may be of great assistance..... First let me say my initial goal was to build a decent pair of speakers for under/around $40. I have reasonable...
  16. D

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 and Alien: Covenant - Blu-Ray HD Codes for Sale CHEAP

    I recently picked up Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and Alien Covenant on Blu-Ray. I'm selling the complete HD movie codes they came with. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - $5 Alien Covenant - $4 BUY BOTH FOR $8! Please PM me if interested :)
  17. UVZombie

    A whole lot of Cheap codes-Willing to trade also.

    Disney DMA-Full Code with rewards-not split Planes 2 $6 ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY -$7 TV HD UV All $3 each unless noted Arrow Season 2-$5 Arrow Season 3 $5 Flash S-1 $5 True Detective S-1 $7 True Detective S-2 $7 Game of Thrones S 1-6 $35 Sopranos Complete Series $30 THE WALKING DEAD...
  18. raexvee


    $6 per code unless stated otherwise, PAYPAL ONLY! All the older movies are re-releases w/ new digital codes I'll be adding more to the list, so if you have any other movie in mind just ask! Manchester By The Sea Keeping Up With The Joneses The Edge Of Seventeen Brooklyn American Honey The...
  19. raexvee


    $5 per code, all HD-PAYPAL ONLY! Ghostbusters Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children Blair Witch Hell or High Water Suicide Squad GIRLS season 4
  20. raexvee


    $5 per code or(all HD) PayPal only! The Girl Who Leapt Through Time DIGITAL HD w UV (2 available!) April and the Extrodinary World DIGITAL HD w UV and iTunes The Forest DIGITAL HD w UV and iTunes (2 available!)
  21. raexvee


    $4 per code (all HD) PayPal ONLY Don't Breathe DIGITAL w UV Krampus DIGITAL w UV & iTunes Crimson Peak DIGITAL w UV & iTunes Me, Earl and the Dying Girl (2 codes available!) The Diary of a Teenage Girl DIGITAL w UV Café Society DIGITAL w UV & iTunes Joy The Visit DIGITAL w UV & iTunes Taxi...
  22. aqs87

    digital copys for sale cheap full codes

    ex machina $2 sd full code true detective season one hd $9 barbershop next cut hd full code $4