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    I am starting my home theater,and, as majority of us we have to balance between quality and price.

    I already have a basic Progressive Scan DVD player with Video Component output. For my surprise I found Video Components cables even more expensive than basic DVD player.

    I wonder how effective is to have an expensive cable for the image. Can a human being eye realize the difference between a cheap cable versus an expensive one?


    Cadu Rey
  2. Bob McElfresh

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    Keep in mind that a standard-definition television is based on the limits of technology in the 1940's. You really dont see much difference from cheap/expensive cables a a 30 inch or less standard-definition television. This is where the idea that cables dont make a difference comes from.

    Progressive Scan and HD video are a much-higher frequency video standard. A modern HDTV has a LOT more information per second than a standard definition television.

    There IS a lot of sticker-shock with cables. My advice is to go to some of the custom-cable sites and get a quote for some HD rated component cables. Even long ones should run you less than $100. While the Monster cables are good - the HD rated ones are pricy because of all the marketing and retail mark-up.

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