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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Chip_HT, Jun 19, 2013.

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    After being a DISH customer for 4 and 1/2 years, I'm thinking it's time to switch over to Verizon FIOS. I already have Verizon phone and internet, so it will be nice to consolidate down to one bill. Looking at the pricing options, it looks like once I factor in equipment, I'll be at about the same price overall.

    But so far, I foresee several advantages to switching:
    -local subchannels. I get none through DISH.
    -ESPNU HD...along with all of the other Disney owned HD channels.
    -many, many more channels (going from DISH 200 to the FIOS Extreme HD)

    The only channels of note that I will lose are TCM HD (still have the SD feed), and the CBS Sports Network (of which I watched one college football game two seasons ago when VT played at Marshall).

    I just want to make sure I'm looking at the right options for equipment. I know I can ask Verizon, but I think here I have a better chance at getting an understandable answer without someone trying to upgrade me.

    Currently, the setup I have with DISH is one receiver with two tuners. I have two TVs hooked up to it (living room and bedroom). Both are HDTVs, but the receiver only outputs one as HD. With this setup, I can record two shows at a time on the DVR. Of course, if I'm recording two shows, I can't watch any others. I also have the two TVs linked, so they both show the same thing. This way, I can take advantage of both tuners and follow two channels at once, and keep the ability to rewind.

    With FIOS, I'm a little confused on their DVR equipment. It looks like on either DVR they have, I can record two shows. My understanding of the difference between multi-room DVR and standard DVR is that the MR-DVR will interface with other set top boxes in the house. So I could set up a recording and possibly watch it from the bedroom TV. If I just had the standard DVR, I could only access it from the living room. I don't do a lot of DVR stuff in the bedroom, but it is nice if I can't find anything before bed to put on a recent DVR show to fall asleep to.

    Finally, I'm thinking of adding a third TV to the cable system. I have another HDTV downstairs in the office/playroom area. It'll mainly be used for background noise and entertaining the little one. I'm leaning towards just getting the $5/month cable card. I don't need DVR or "interfacing" capability on this set. Just turn it on and watch TV, like we used to do in the old days.

    So, I'm thinking I would need to get the multi-room DVR (for the living room), a set top box (for the bedroom), and a cable card (for downstairs). This sounds like it would cover everything I want without overkill, and I would basically maintain the same functionality I have with DISH currently.
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    I'm not sure about FIOS, but DirecTV is a pretty good option to consider as well. I have the Genie set-up that enable up to 5 recordings at once. it has 5 tuners and the 1080p on demand movies are like watching a Blu-ray disc. Local channels are included; however, the sub local channels are provided by me using a 30 dollar HD Digital antenna hanging of the wall. They have a special right now that the Genie set up for up to 4 t.v.s.

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