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Cable Routing for Best 4K Picture (1 Viewer)

Doug MacGregor

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Nov 23, 2002
I am experiencing an anomaly in the sound processing of my new TV and I will post this here - please move this new issue as necessary...

When I was using my old Samsung HD TV I would sometimes turn on the sound of the TV at the same time as the sound from my Denon Receiver to make the voices of the particular program more clear (some old movies have bad sound).

When I do this with my new TV I get an echo effect. Obviously there is some kind of audio delay or diferential between the HT Receiver and the TV.

This problem is source-independant, be it my 4K Blu-ray player or Satellite receiver or DVD player. All these sources are playing through the HT Receiver, and in the case of the 4K BR player, the audio and video feeds to the HT Receiver and TV are separate feeds through a 4K splitter.

Any idea why it's happening with the new TV but not with the old TV?

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