C&C Generals, Build Order

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Bill Griffith, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. Bill Griffith

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    Jan 8, 2002
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    So what build order works the best for you?

    I just recently got this game and my time has been split between it and Simcity 4.

    Mine for the USA is as follows so far

    Power Plant + extra Bulldozer thing
    2nd Bull dozer builds Barracks
    1st Bulldozer begins building Supply Depot
    Half Rangers and Half Bazookas
    Extra Supply Helicopter

    Thats about as much as I've done repeatedly, after the extra Helicopter It varies.
  2. Scott L

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    Feb 29, 2000
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    Yup we pretty much have the same order. [​IMG] If it's a bigger map a build a 3rd dozer soon after and send it to another part of the map to start a 2nd supply depot w/2 Chinooks, and build that area up as my second base. I also build an airfield w/Commanche asap as it has a great range for defending and I keep it at my base in case the enemy decides to rush with 2 dozen soldiers to take out a building.

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