Babylon 5: Fave Episodes DVD's?

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    This page ( about 5 stories down.
    "Despite the continuous episodic nature of the show, Warner has apparently decided to continue its trend of releasing television programs in a "best-of" manner as opposed to releasing all episodes in order."
    What the...? Tell me this isn't so. Do we really have to do another petition agains Warner? Are they really so... so... *insert word(s) here* that they don't understand the Babylon 5 storyline is too intricate to split even one episode out of order? Maybe they can look at how well Farscape sells and their "best of's" don't.
    This is seriously ruining my day.
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    Bryan, this article is complete speculation. No one knows what Warner is going to do at this point, other than the 1st disc with "The Gathering" and "In The Beginning". They appear to be jumping to the best-of conclusion simply based on the fact that "In The Beginning" was shown during the show's 4th season. Notice that they also say:
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    With all resepct to DVD Review, what is the point of their news blurb? Speculating that WB is going the Friends route on B5 only riles people up (maybe they needed the hits?). IMHO, this release bodes well for the show to be released in order... In the Beginning is the prequel, which is being matched up with the series pilot. A perfect disc to bring new viewers to the series and, at the same time, provide a treat for the fan. Hopefully WB won't release the series disc-by-disc (ala Farscape... very $$$) but in boxed sets (which they could use the really cool season names on... B5: Signs and Portents - Season I, B5: The Coming of Shadows - Season II, B5: Point of No Return - Season III, B5: No Surrender, No Retreat - Season IV, and B5: The Wheel of Fire - Season V with another movie disc containing Thirdspace and The River of Souls and then pairing A Call to Arms with Crusade to make another boxed set)

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