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Robert Harris

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Feb 8, 1999
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Robert Harris
Babylon Berlin, the first two seasons of which have been released via Kino, is about to offer a third, while the fourth will shortly hit the cablewaves.

BB is German TV series, set two years before the adventures at the Kit Kat Klub, part of the wonderful underbelly of the Weimar Republic, as the Nazi party was growing in strength.

Seasons are of varying lengths. The first two are eight episodes each, while the third is twelve. Each episode is 45 minutes.

One of the talents behind the series that’s known here is Tom Tykwer (Run, Lola, Run), while several members of the cast have been seen here in the Colonies in the past.

Filmed Shot with Arri Alexas (what else?) through vintage Panavision glass, the series is magnificent in all respects.

Finished in 4k, and offered by Kino as Blu-rays, it’s so well reproduced, that I’d be interested in seeing it in 4k format.

Having only gotten through the first two episodes, I’m hooked, but need to find time to go further in the future. My initial feelings are that it’s a huge production. As 1929 Berlin is reproduced for the screen, I’m unable to determine where the digital domain ends and reality begins.

New areas continue to open, a bit akin to playing a video game with a huge sandbox.

The series is in German with easily read English sub-titles. Actually, I don’t believe they are English sub-titles, as spellings are British. Translations are occasionally a bit awkward, but it works.

If one can find the time, and presumably with this Covid thing either occurring or not occurring, dependent upon one’s beliefs, it’s a very interesting way to spend it.

While it can be found on Amazon, I’m betting that the Kino Blu-rays are a major step up in quality. If it’s Blu-ray to which you’re thinking of heading, Season 3 arrives on 24 November.

One small caveat, and I’ve not been able to check into a potential problem. Reviewers on Amazon make note of either episodes being out of order on the discs, or missing. Unfortunately, as Amazon has a nasty habit of conjoining reviews between different variants of products, one can’t be certain what the reviewers are discussing, even if it’s a purportedly domestic purchase, and not another region.

Possibly someone who has experience the entire series can comment.

Image – 5

Audio – 5

Pass / Fail – Pass


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Angelo Colombus

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Mar 19, 2009
Chicago Area
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Angelo Colombus
My local library has it on dvd for now so i put a hold on it and should see it soon. Nice thing about the library is that i am given a week or longer to see it.

john a hunter

Oct 11, 2005
Have been thoroughly enjoying this series and would highly recommend it.
A huge set was built reconstructing AlexanderPlatz in the centre of Berlin such is the scale of the production.
My only problem is worrying about each of the main character's future given what we know will happen in a few years time!

Alan Tully

Senior HTF Member
Feb 19, 2008
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I really fancy this series, I've read such good things about it. Hopefully the UK will get a Blu-ray release with English subs next year.

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