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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Frank joe, Jan 2, 2004.

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    has any one had a problem setting up the ref 50. while i love the features , i am overwhelemed but the manual and trying to figure out all the setups. i calabrated the room with the a meter and set the speakers up . my problems start with the crossover slopes and notch filter and band width. i am almost sorry i went seperates. from what i can understand and confused about is this. i have a velodye with a hi and lo pass and crossover built in. i have the nht evloution series with crossover and the ref 50 with crossover. i know you are not suppose to crossover more than once. its just so confusing. oh yea now i am suppose to set up my room for bass????? . mabey i should go bact to my pioneer elite. lol.

    eqipment list b&k ref 50
    deneon 2900
    ati 2505 (250 by 5)
    pioneer elite am10 (100 by 100)
    nht evloution (7speaker setup)
    velodyne fsr 18
    monster hts 5000
    sony slv676 ( vhs cant get ride of it)
    mitsubhi 60 rptv
    straight wire cables
    knu concepts wire
    monster wire joe
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    This should help a explain how to setup the room correction.


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