$1799.00 to much to pay for a new b&k ref 50 (original v.)?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Todd smith, Oct 18, 2004.

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    Q1.I talked to my local dealer over the phone today about the new b&k ref 50 v2 which he will be selling for 2399. He then told me that they had the original vesion for 1999 and he could let that go for 1799. Is this a good price on a new original ref 50 with the 5 year waranty or no?

    Q2. I am trying to decide between the original ref 50, v2 with plIIx and the avm 30 ($400-1000 more than the other 2). Is plIIx going to be worth the extra $4-600 dollars to upgrade from the original to the v2? I mainly watch dvd movies and do multichannel audio. I have been told since the ref 50 has thx ultra 2 that the plIIx is not going to be much of an improvement. Is this true?

    Q3. I am using a sherbourn 7/2100 (paired with h/k 525 right now) and a denon 3910 and will soon be getting paradigm speaks. I assume that any of these pre/pro's should be a good upgrade, correct?

    Q4. I can probably get the avm-30 for 2799 locally new. Would it be worth it to go this route over the others?

    I would like a pre amp that is at least as flexible with set up and options as my h/k, but with the improved sound quality that only a dedicated pre amp can provide. Also the h/k runs verry hot even as just a pre/pro.

    Obviously verry confused and would appreciate some opinions on my choices.
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    If your dealer were letting the ref 50 go (so to speak), it would be 1450 + Tax. The avm30 vs ref 50v2 is a personal choice item. audition for yourself.
    I think they are all an upgrade

    Good Luck

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