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B&K Reference 50 Pre-Pro Processor (1 Viewer)

Jerry Klawiter

Dec 3, 2000
This ref50 is just under one year old, purchased Nov 20, 2003
The ref 50 is black and has version 1.04 firmware.
Purchased from a local authorized B&K dealer.
The SR 10.1 "MX-700" remote has never been used.
Condition of this system is like new, and will be shipped with all the original accessories and paperwork within the original packaging.

I am listed here as a master trader and that status was mostly from higher $ hardware sales and not video trades.
Further feedback can be viewed at both eBay & Audiogon under user cyber16. This feedback is 100% positive.


Reason for the sale; upgrading again to the S2 model.

$1295 plus the cost of FedEx ground/home shipping.
Preferred payment method is U.S. postal M/O or cashiers check. Other forms of payment will be considered and my include an additional handling charge. Shipment will commence once the payment is verified and has cleared.
Thanks for looking, if you have any questions feel free to PM or email me.

Some information about the Ref50:
Surround Sound Processing Dolby DPL/DPLII/EX, DTS-ES/Neo:6, THX®, THX Ultra 2®

When Only the Finest Will Do!

The B & K Reference 50 controller puts you in control. This incredibly versatile preamp/tuner processor sets new standards of performance. When coupled with matching B & K amplifiers of your power choice, the experience is simply awesome, Dolby Digital® , Dolby Digital EX®, Dolby Pro Logic II®, THX Ultra2®, DTS®, DTS-ES®,DTS Neo:6® and many more music and movie formats are all brought to you with incredible precision. State-of-the-art processing and state-of-the-art control.

B & K
State-of-the-Art Processing and Discrete Circuitry

The Reference 50 preamp/tuner processor brings the movie theater experience to you. This discrete controller delivers the finest in audio reproduction available at the touch of a button. Movies simply come to life before your eyes and ears. Combining ultra high grade digital circuits with processing using DigitalDNA™ technology from Motorola™ (56367- DSP), the Reference 50 delivers an unprecedented level of performance to your system.

Upgradable for Future Technology

The Reference 50 is the pinnacle of B & K’s remarkable design of future proofing our products. The engineers at B & K have earned a reputation of designing our products to be able to be upgraded internally as new technologies evolve. Through software and hardware upgradability the Reference 50 redefines value. Upgradability is not a guarantee, it is a methodology of designing, engineering and manufacturing products that allows us to offer future upgrades if the enhancements to the processing of audio signals and changes in technology have widespread support in the industry and are economically viable. The B & K Reference 50 represents cutting edge technology today, and tomorrow.

2nd Zone Operation

The Reference 50 is the perfect complement to your lifestyle. Awesome home theater in the main room, and complete control of sound and source in other rooms in the house! Watch a movie in the family room at the same time someone is listening to CD’s in the bedroom. All this and more from the B & K Reference 50 preamp/tuner processor!

B & K's Smart LCD Programmable Remote

B & K believes in the virtue of simplicity. Our engineers designed our remote control to easily operate your entire audio/video system. With both an LCD screen and hard main function buttons, B & K’s SR10.1 Remote Control gives you the best of both worlds. The LCD readout allows you to program the remote to speak your own language. No more trying to remember what button does what! And by including “hard buttons” navigating simple functions in the dark like volume and channel are as simple as 1...2...3... And to top that off we provide the capability for every button to learn any code needed. Control up to twenty different devices, all from one remote control. No more stacks of remote controls on the table!

Automatic “PLUG ’n PLAY” Operation

B & K’s “PLUG ’n PLAY” technology operates your system automatically and efficiently providing seamless ease of operation. By simply selecting the source you wish to enjoy, “PLUG ’n PLAY” technology takes over for you! Sit back, relax, and let the Reference 50 provide you with timeless entertainment. The “PLUG ’n PLAY” system will seek out your desired signals, decode and deliver them quickly and intelligently. The B & K Reference 50 is even smart enough to lower your video screen when needed, turn on extra amplifiers for other rooms and recall your favorite personal settings automatically! Quickly, quietly, and efficiently “PLUG ’n PLAY” technology does the work for you.

B & K is an Alpha development test site for Motorola's Symphony Family of 24 bit DSP processors and contributes to the design, development and testing of the newest, state-of-the-art digital processors (DSP)
Today, the audio/video receiver has become the popular choice of components for most home theater systems. While many preamps provide reasonable performance and a fair amount of features, the new B & K Reference 50 has raised the standards in both audio quality and system flexibility. Utilizing state-of-the-art Digital to Analog converters coupled with full balanced outputs, the Reference 50 delivers every whisper, nuance, and detail true to the original sound. Full balanced outputs provide the perfect connection to B & K’s Reference power amps. These outputs deliver the quietest and most dynamic signal possible.

There are those who want the no compromise performance of separate components. For this demanding, no holds barred approach to home theater, there is the Reference Series from B & K. The Reference Series provides a level of performance only attainable with a separate preamp and amplifier combination. Because B & K separates can be upgraded at our factory when new home theater processing systems become available, they represent unparalleled value and timeless quality

Separated from the power amplifier section, B & K's preamp/tuner/processor components benefit from having separate power supplies and chassis. They also provide the ultimate in home theater performance and flexibility. Carefully review the Reference Series specifications and features. Then listen to the Reference Series at your B & K dealer. You'll discover that B & K differentiates itself from all other separates. By Simply Sounding Better.

Jerry Klawiter

Dec 3, 2000
^ This is sold in AS NEW condition.
I shall be away from internet connection from Friday 11-19 until late Monday 11-22
My tree stand is not yet wired ;)
So, there will be a delay in email response.

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