56TWD63 vs 56TW53 - Which one do I buy?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by josh_trinh, Feb 13, 2004.

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    Feb 4, 2004
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    I'm getting ready to plunk down some cash for a new TV. Which one of these guys should I buy? Here are the differences according to Panny's website.

    56TWD63 vs 56TW53

    1. - 540P/1080I vs 480P/1080I
    2. - HDMI vs DVI-HDCP
    3. - AC3output vs none
    4. - Cable card vs none
    5. - Built in HDTV tuner

    Do the above conditions warrant spending the extra $400?

    Also can someone explain to me the 540P? I thought everything was 480 or 720 or 1080.

    One last thing, I heard that even with the built in tuner, I may not receive channels in HD because of incompatibility or something like that?
  2. Harold Southard

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    Dec 31, 2003
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    I have the 53WXD63, which is the same as the 56TWD63 for the most part. My user manual is for the ##wxd63 and the ##twd63. The built in tunner is great. I am getting all my locals with cheap RCA rabbit ears, the none amped ones at that. I am watching "Reba" on WB20 with my wife now in 480i DT. Looks great. HD, 1080i, will take your breath away. The HDMI is the newer standard. It does audio as well as video. I use the AC3 out to connect to my receiver. Cable card is to take place of cable boxes. I am recieving the local "music channels" from my cable, these are only available with a set top box (I don't have one. hehe). From what I have read the "Cable Card"- DCM (digital cable module) is going to be a standard. I read it somewhere on the fcc site. The software in my tv is LINUX!!! It is upgradable. If you get the 63, you will get a form to fill out and send in to get updates (if standards change and are needed). No matter what you get make sure to get Avia or something. I was unable to get Avia local, so I picked up Sound&Vision at BB. It is made by Avia, so just as good I would think. Hope that helps.

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