5.1 digital audio splitter.

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Larry Fletcher, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. Larry Fletcher

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    Jun 16, 1999
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    I tried using the search function and I didn't get any results. Here is my friends problem. He has a reciever with only 1 digital optical input (no digital coax). He just got Comcast High def cable and wants to take advantage of HBO high def with 5.1 audio. The Comcast box comes with a digital coax out. Is there any kind of 5.1 splitter he can get without loss of signal?

  2. Jerome Grate

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    May 23, 1999
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    Sounds like to me a switcher/converter is needed here. One to receive the digital signal via coax and convert it to the optical connection hence the converter and then a switcher so that channel 1 can be Comcast and channel 2 can be the DVD player if he has one. I certainly recall both in seperate units but together I'm not sure, it'll be fun to surf one of the sponsors here Tweaks and accessories forum and see what you can find.

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