1. Neil Middlemiss

    UHD Review Roman Holiday UHD Review

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  2. Neil Middlemiss

    Blu-ray Review Roman Holiday Blu-ray Review

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  3. Robert Harris

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Dodsworth - in Blu-ray

    From the world of the Samuel Goldwyn films, comes William Wyler's wonderful 1936 classic, Dodsworth. Full disclosure, Mr. Wyler is one of my favorite filmmakers. Along with Richard Brooks, and David Lean, one of the most literate in the art form. A lovely new restoration has yielded a...
  4. Robert Harris

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Universal Horror Collection - Volume 4 - in Blu-ray

    Scream Factory is once again gracing our home theaters with another entry in their Universal Horror Collection. This time, Volume 4, which hits some high points in the series. Most interesting, for me, was the inclusion of The Climax, a 1944 Technicolor Boris Karloff production, one of only...
  5. Dick

    Missing United Artists Classics

    As so much of the UA classic catalog has been released on Blu by Kino and Criterion and others, it might seem frivolent to wish for more, but.... ALAMO, THE (duh) NEVER ON SUNDAY AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS (now with Warner Bros) D.O.A. (1950) (Who owns this now?) GREAT ESCAPE, THE (A 4K...
  6. Dick

    Dear WAC: Please Keep Those RKO Classics Coming!

    You are doing a splendid job of giving us classics from the RKO library, and somehow making them look as good as they probably did when first released to theaters. Here are some I'd love to see you or someone get around to: ANGEL FACE BACK TO BATAAN BEDLAM* BOY WITH GREEN HAIR (Color) BRINGING...
  7. Neil Middlemiss

    Interview Exclusive HTF Interview: Mary Walsh, Managing Director, Animation Research Library at Walt Disney

    Mary Walsh has a fascinating and important role in managing and protecting the millions of pieces of Disney’s history under her care. As Managing Director, Animation Research Library at Walt Disney Animation Studios, a role she’s held since 2014, Mary is in charge of the repository containing...
  8. Darby67

    Film Movement Classics Acquires Rights to Fritz Lang's Indian Epic I purchased the October 16, 2001 Fantoma DVD releases of The Tiger of Eschnapur (Der Tiger von Eschnapur) and The Indian Tomb (Das indische Grabmal) on Ebay a few years back and the...
  9. B

    Horror Classics from Warner vol 2???

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  10. Guy Foulard

    Television's Lost Classics (VCI)

    A couple of new B&W TV era listings I just stumbled across on Amazon. I'm assuming these are classified as Public Domain. VCI is saying they're restored, and they're releasing them on Blu-Ray: Television's Lost Classics Volume One (2 Prime Time Specials): "This is a special series of lost...
  11. L

    Disney live action classics

    disney needs to release the following on bluray. 1. Mosby's Marauders 2. Tonka 3. Johnny Shiloh 4. Johnny Tremain
  12. Race Bannon

    Good article about Netflix's lack of classics -- Physical Media's continued relevance

    Read this article about how streaming services like Netflix are inherently geared towards the new, how young people see something as non-existent if it's not available to stream for free, and how libraries of disks (the article refers to "DVD's) actually were and are easier from a rights...
  13. Thunderbean

    Fleischer Classics featuring Gulliver's Travels (Blu-ray/ DVD combo) available again

    Thunderbean has re-issued the 'Fleischer Classics featuring Gulliver's Travels' Blu-ray/DVD combo. It's a nice little set for this of you that haven't seen it. It's the first HD restoration we did as well. We did a little Blu-ray preview a while back for the set...
  14. E

    Marx Bros. Blu-Ray $27.99 TODAY ONLY !

    Set @ Amazon til 11:59 pm tonight. HURRY,HURRY, HURRY !!! Happy Holidays to all. :dance:
  15. Wes K

    Christmas Classics Bluray or DVD?

    I already own all of the classics on DVD, but is the bluray transfer worth it? Has anyone seen and heard them first hand? The bluray set in question is this one...
  16. moviefanatic1979

    Kirk Douglas: The Centennial Collection (8 films)

    Hi! I see no mention of this release: Kirk Douglas: The Centennial Collection (8 films) It Includes: Spartacus Man Without a Star The Last Sunset Lonely Are the Brave The List of Adrian Messenger For Love or Money The War Wagon A Lovely Way to Die I'm not sure which ones are new to region...
  17. Dick

    Where are the Russian classics on Blu-ray?

    Specifically, of course, where is WAR AND PEACE (1968)? This epic is just so-o superior to the 1956 Paramount thing with Audrey Hepburn that it's like a completely different story, based on a completely different novel. Yet, for whatever reason, no effort seems to have gone into its restoration...
  18. Chevy_Monsenhor

    Sansui G3000 and G3500, is there a lot of difference between the two?

    Hey guys, i'm new here in the forum and i'm just starting to get involved with proper audio equipment. I've been looking around the online classifieds, trying to find a good classic receiver to start my build. A seller got these two models, the Sansui G3000 and the Sansui G3500, the first costs...